ClickCease Shungite Store. Abaut Company, Warehouses Shungit in Europe and US

Our company, LTD “Karelian horizon” is located in Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia, Russia.

We are a manufacturer of shungite products.
We supply both the raw materials and the finished goods of shungite stone by Wholesale and Retail.
Worldwide shipment. F.A.Q.


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Our address for documents:

Rigachina 64A, office 117. Petrozavodsk, Russia ZIP 185005

The address of our office:

Rigachina 64A, office 117. Petrozavodsk, Russia ZIP 185005

Retail: +79535493266,+78142595406
Wholesale: +79535493266, +7914003239

The address of our warehouse in USA: 

2950E Avenue X, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Retail USA: +1 (347) 543-9089


The address of our warehouse in Germany:

Hofmark 13, 82393

About our products:

We are located near Zazhoginsky deposit that is unique in the world. All our products are made only of shungit of Zazhoginsky deposit. There are other shungite deposits in Karelia, for example, Nigozersky deposit, but the shungite stones of Nigozersky deposit considerably differs from the shungite stones of Zazhoginsky deposit in its properties. It is less healthy and it does not have all the properties that are attributed to shungite. Be cautious and buy shungite only of Zazhoginsky deposit! In Internet there are sellers who sell shungite of poor quality. You should beware of imitations!

In accordance with the certificate of quality at 6th August, 2011, in effective specific activity of natural radionuclides, the shungite of Zazhoginsky deposit is of class I. Can be used without restriction. Non-toxic.