ClickCease Alkaline water stick 14 cm
  • Alkaline water stick 14 cm (shipping from Karelia only!)

Alkaline, “alive” water speeds up metabolism (ii also speeds up the growth of plants, heals wounds, improves overall health and decreases susceptibility to negative factors). Acid, “shungite” water is fatal to microflora and microorganisms.

  1. A powerful stimulant of biological processes and immunostimulant, alkaline water stimulates tissue regeneration, improves metabolism and blood flow through tissues.

  2. It heals wounds, increases metabolism, raises blood pressure in people with hypotension, improves appetite and digestion. It preserves its medicinal properties for 24 hours if kept away from direct light in a glass container with a cap filled to the brim. For better results, however, use alkaline water within the first three hours after preparation.

  3. Alkaline water decreases susceptibility to colds and has a positive effect on reproductive functions.

  4. Alkaline water enhances mood and human performance capabilities. It helps one feel strong and full of energy. Alkaline water restores organ function (liver, kidneys, heart, glands, muscles). It can be used to treat chronic diseases of these organs as well as tonsillitis, bronchitis, hepatitis, gastric ulcer, nephritis, prostatitis, vaginitis, bronchial asthma, etc.

For more information about the diseases that may be treated with alkaline and shungite water, click here.

If you need a filter for preparing shungite water (acidic water) click here.

To drink high quality water every day, use a Natural Water filter. With a Natural Water filter, you can make natural structured water.

Making alkaline water is not a problem now. Use the stick for easy and fast preparing of alkaline water. The composition of the metal flask is a balanced combination of silver, with granules of natural minerals water-soluble calcium, magnesium.

       Prior to using put the stick in a clean bottle filled half-way with tap or bottle water ( if bottled, then use preferably water with pH level of 7 or higher). Shake actively for 30 seconds and dispose. This removes excess loose minerals. Repeat the procedure for 2 more times.

       Fill the bottle again with water and shake it for 30 seconds. Then wait 15-20 minutes before drinking. Working life 30-45 days (500 ml per day).

       The longer the stick remains in the water, the stronger the ionization and the higher the pH ( up to pH9.5) Strong negative charge  (ORP) is attained as well. If it tastes too strong , dilute it a bit with additional water.

       Use one stick for a 16oz bottle (500ml). Use two sticks for one liter bottle or more sticks for faster and stronger effect.

It is better to consume freshly made water.




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Alkaline water stick 14 cm (shipping from Karelia only!)

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