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Animal husbandry

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Studies conducted by the All-Russian Scientific-Research and Technological Institute of Poultry, confirmed the suitability shungite as a feed additive for poultry []. Based on this study the following conclusions:

1. Fertilizing based shungite SHUNGYT contains a substance in which up to 80 - 90% of the carbon in the non-crystalline state, many of the essential macro and trace minerals: calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper and zinc, as well as ultramicroelements. This mineral has adsorption, absorbing, highly reactive, and others, have not been studied, useful qualities for poultry.

2.  Inclusion on the basis of feeding schungite in poultry feed stuff in quantities of 3 and 6 kg per 1 ton of food has no effect on the safety of livestock.

3. Feeding the experimental animal feed with dressing based shungite chickens provides high intensity egg production (86.4 - 87.1%). Egg laying hens experienced was 158.1 - 159.4 eggs for 6 months and was higher than the control by 2.3 - 3.1.

4. Enter 3 kg feed by schungite in broiler feed stuff provided in the 4 weeks of age live weight of calves by 4.2 - 4.5% higher than the control.

5. Inclusion on the basis of feeding shungite at 3 kg per 1 ton of feed for 47 days provides a high average daily live weight gain experienced young (44 - 44.1 g), the live weight of which amounted to 2106.9 - 2113.0 g, which is higher than the control at 5.34 - 5.7%. Differences in weight control and experimental calves were statistically significant (P <0.05).

6. Egg weight in the experimental birds at 30 and 48 weeks of age was normal bike and exceeded the control.

7. The use of feed based on schungite in compound feed has no effect on feed intake bird. Cost of feed for 10 eggs in the experimental groups had a tendency to decrease.

8. Chemical composition of experimental eggs were normal bike. Been a slight increase in the crude protein in the eggs of the experimental group.

9. The content of vitamins (A, B2) and carotenoids in eggs was high and tended to increase in the experimental groups.

10. In feed laying hens and broilers must enter 3-6 kg / t of feed based shungit.

11. For other farm animals used for immunity Shungite water.