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Written by Bonnie G. at Sunday 8 December 2019, 16:30  
I received my parcel today. Very exciting!
Thank you very much.
Written by Mars at Wednesday 4 December 2019, 16:56  
Thank you so much, Alexander. I'm so excited for my new Shungite stones. Thank you again
Written by Jose at Wednesday 4 December 2019, 16:22  
Written by Amy at Tuesday 3 December 2019, 17:44  
Thank you, Nata!!
I appreciate the great customer support and look forward to using and sharing your products!
Written by Nora Nilson at Friday 29 November 2019, 12:32  

Thank you for all your assistance with my order and I really appreciate dealing with you.

I hope to deal more with you in the future.
Written by Jan at Thursday 28 November 2019, 13:25  
I received my charoite harmonizer on the 20th of November. I can’t believe how beautiful she is! She is cleansed and ready to work with me. so grateful to work with you over the years. i went to a gem show in portland oregon a week ago, i believe that’s where i was introduced to and purchased multiple pieces many years ago. i also purchased a book detailing the history and research about shungite. i have shungite in every room in my house including the bathroom. i have it in my car, i wear it daily and i give away “tumbles” i own many beautiful stones but i’m crazy about shungite!!! i thank you for the gifts you h as be given me and i look forward to working more with you in the future. take care and i hope you have a beautiful weekend.
Written by Sally at Wednesday 27 November 2019, 22:09  
Hello again Nata,

I've just received this amazing parcel of Shungite and I'm thrilled with it.
The delivery man arrived at the door this morning and I was so impressed.
Most delivery men don't find our house! All the way from Russia!

Thank you so much for your help during this long process. You've been
very patient with me.
I'm sure I'll recommend you to my friends who might like Shungite. Nobody knows what it is so I'll have to enlighten them!
Kind regards,
Written by Mike Brown at Friday 22 November 2019, 10:56  
Best overall packing ever, thank you.
Written by Charlene at Wednesday 20 November 2019, 12:49  
Thanks for taking care of Me. I received my Bracelets and I am very pleased. I will wear them every day hope they work for me. I was delighted with my purchase and your extra help with the order. Best Regards to Nata!
Written by Jen M at Tuesday 19 November 2019, 13:42  
Thank you. I just got it. Love it!! Thank you.
Written by Nick at Friday 15 November 2019, 17:35  
Your work and that of your team is the best Michael !!! Till next time
Written by ER at Tuesday 12 November 2019, 19:58  
Thank you. I got it. I’m very happy
Written by Adam R at Monday 11 November 2019, 17:33  
I have received the package from you three days ago and the package arrived in good condition, with all the items I had ordered inside the box, along with the free gifts that you mentioned. All the items in the box were wrapped really well in bubble wrap to protect them whilst being shipped to the UK. The items themselves appear to be high quality, with the pyramids being shiny polished and smooth to touch.
Written by Jaume B at Friday 8 November 2019, 18:14  
Recibido hoy. Muy bonito.
Written by William johnson at Friday 8 November 2019, 15:32  
Thanks for the quick delivery. I got everything and thanks for the gift :)
Till next time!
Written by Peter at Thursday 7 November 2019, 13:54  
We really like your shungite products and have passed your web site on to many others.
Look forward to our new delivery!
Regards from NZ
Written by Bart V K at Wednesday 6 November 2019, 20:17  
Thanks, the package with two shungite pyramids arrived and are in perfect condition a I verry pleased with those 100 x100 polished pyramids
Thanks for the service.
Regards Bart
Written by Bart at Wednesday 6 November 2019, 20:13  
I received the ordered shungite pyramids I'm very satisfied with those pyramids .
I wil recomment the shungite store for their good supply and quality products
Written by jason colling at Wednesday 6 November 2019, 15:28  
Got the goods, thanks!
Written by Pascale at Friday 1 November 2019, 16:37  
Un excellent service, très sympathique, merci pour les produits, ils sont magnifiques!!

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