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Geschrieben von James R um Sonntag 16 Februar 2020, 02:11  
Thank you for your attention everything arrived it's in my possession. I really appreciate your attention to this and your professionalism to take the time to straighten this out for me. You are a gem!
Geschrieben von Mandy um Freitag 14 Februar 2020, 16:58  
Hello Nata,
I received my order on the 10th February.
I am very pleased with the quality of the beads. I love my free gifts. Thank you
I look forward to doing business with you again.
Geschrieben von rafael um Mittwoch 12 Februar 2020, 17:06  
¡Muchas gracias! Gran tienda!
Respeto rafael
Geschrieben von Rodrigo um Sonntag 9 Februar 2020, 22:09  
Gracias por tu ayuda!
Recibí todos mis bienes.
Geschrieben von Heartman um Freitag 7 Februar 2020, 17:13  
Hi Nata,

It took a while but I finally received the remainder of my order today – very lovely items indeed – and I just wanted to thank you for all your help along the way!

Geschrieben von Manuel um Freitag 7 Februar 2020, 16:09  
Just wanted to update you- I received the package yesterday and all is good!

Thank you so much for the help.
Geschrieben von Suzana um Donnerstag 6 Februar 2020, 18:35  
Hello , just wanted to say, Thank You
Geschrieben von Suzana um Mittwoch 5 Februar 2020, 16:17  
Happy happy happy ! Very fast delivery, order sent 24.02., I receive it today (05.02.) beautiful shungite, and beautiful people working in the store !!! Thank You <3
Geschrieben von Nick Soto um Freitag 31 Januar 2020, 18:18  
Hello Michelle, I received my parcel today. Thank you so much.!!!
Geschrieben von Erick um Donnerstag 30 Januar 2020, 18:07  
THANK-YOU, SO MUCH!!!! I just received the package this morning. Thank-you also for all the beautiful free gifts. We shall order again, for sure!! Have a great day!!
Geschrieben von Jennifer Miller um Donnerstag 30 Januar 2020, 17:59  
Oooh...I love the new figurines!
Geschrieben von Hasim um Dienstag 28 Januar 2020, 17:51  
I have received the package.

Thank you so much for your assistance!
Geschrieben von Kathleen G. um Montag 27 Januar 2020, 13:50  
I received the last part of the orders this past weekend. And adding the replacements for the broken pieces to my next order would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help with this.
Warmly, Kathleen Greco
Geschrieben von Kasha um Samstag 25 Januar 2020, 14:49  
Dear Nata and Michelle,
just wanted to let you know the goods have arrived. All went well, nothing is broken.
Just wanted to say THANKS for all your help and advice !
Geschrieben von Franca Mancini um Freitag 24 Januar 2020, 14:26  
Hello Nata,
I have received my order okay.
Thank you and best regards!
Geschrieben von Eva V. um Freitag 24 Januar 2020, 14:24  
el pedido ha sido entregado correctamente.
gracias por todo
un saludo
Geschrieben von Despina um Dienstag 21 Januar 2020, 17:56  
As I promised I will write to let you know that the package has arrived in perfect condition. Thanks a lot for everything. I use all the products with great pleasure.
Geschrieben von Gary Buckman um Montag 20 Januar 2020, 18:02  
Both parcels now received.

I'm a big fan of Shungite!
Geschrieben von Suzanne um Donnerstag 16 Januar 2020, 17:27  
Hello Nata,

My son received the filter about 10 days ago, I think it was quite a long time on the way locally.
He is very happy about it and it works fine.
He also likes the gift of shungite stones you sent, he received them quite some time before the filter arrived.
Thank you for your excellent products, I wish you a Happy 2020.
Geschrieben von Corine um Donnerstag 16 Januar 2020, 13:54  
Je confirme en effet avoir reçu ma commande . Je suis assez satisfaite des articles.

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