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Written by Vanessa L. at Wednesday 22 April 2020, 19:58  
I did get it and just saw this!! I love it and gifted some to my boyfriend as well as referred a friend!

So I should be getting more soon. Such a powerful stone.

Thanks so much. I was nervous bc recently I bought 2 spiritual things on new sites and was robbed. So glad this is all safe and legit.

Have a great day
Written by Dylan wilson at Tuesday 21 April 2020, 15:36  
I just want to say thank you I receive the products today!!! Thanks!
Written by Mike Bennett at Wednesday 15 April 2020, 01:48  
Hi Nata

Brilliant customer service.
thanks ! See you soon
Written by Paul at Monday 13 April 2020, 17:55  
We received the box! Love it!
Thank you very much
Best regards
Written by Danny Miller at Thursday 9 April 2020, 23:24  
Hi Michelle,

You are the BEST

Thank you
Best regards
Written by Denise Beckman at Thursday 9 April 2020, 20:34  
Thank you, I was just going to let you know it arrived today.
I am very happy with it, thank you so much.
Written by Jan at Wednesday 8 April 2020, 02:58  
We like Shungit so much.

Thanks for this, Nata.
Written by Liliana at Wednesday 8 April 2020, 02:54  
hank you very much.
I am waiting impatiently to start using the stones
I wish you a healthy week (and life of course)
Best regards Liliana
Written by Diego Sanchez at Monday 6 April 2020, 23:15  
Hemos recibido tu pedido!!!! Muchas gracias!!!! Hola desde Mexico!!!!
Written by Denise Lee at Friday 3 April 2020, 13:19  
We recommend Wholesale conditions! Contact Michelle.
Written by Ian Williams at Friday 3 April 2020, 01:55  
Great products! Wonderful store!
Written by AUGUSTO C. at Wednesday 1 April 2020, 21:24  
Ya me llegó el paquete. Gracias.
Written by Mersedes M. at Wednesday 1 April 2020, 16:03  
El paquete lo he recibido hoy, ha llegado en perfecto estado, ¡muy bien embalado!
Written by Rhema N. at Monday 30 March 2020, 13:36  
This stuff is vibrational and protective! Thank you!
Written by Rhema at Saturday 28 March 2020, 13:00  
All the products I have bought from this shop have been quality, and to receive a free gift was just very special as well. Shungite in the metaphysical world is highly protective. I can't get enough of the stuff!
Written by Jody at Friday 27 March 2020, 14:07  
Shungite is a healing tool that can keep your system balanced, it will ward off EMF waves and you can use it to purify your water. I LOVE Shungite. Shungite is NOT a "mineral", nor is it a "crystal". it is a substance believed to have been formed when a meteor hit the earth millions of years ago. Regardless, it is amazing.
Written by Kidd S. at Wednesday 25 March 2020, 22:00  
I use Shungite for everything, magnets on stove, refrigerator when you walk thru my front door shungite is in the side windows it is by my computers cell phones and around my neck. I use the eye patch and much more Shungit is a big part of my life. It is a must for everyone's tablets and cell phones as well. Kidd Stubbs
Written by Rosie V.D. at Wednesday 25 March 2020, 21:43  
I have these stones , they are really amazing, look up the benefits of these stones, I have different types in my house I use for my water, wear the jewelry and have some triangles I keep near electronics, get yours an if you have questions these shungite guys can answer!
Written by Kim W. at Wednesday 25 March 2020, 21:39  
We've been running our water through a Berky to get the lumps out then in a gallon glass with 1lb high grade Shungit that soaks up fluoride and any other bad shit that might be left. The good stuff is costly.. It has several special carbon molecules called Fullerenes or Bucky Balls because of their shape.. The guy who discovered them was Buckminster Fuller..
Written by James at Wednesday 25 March 2020, 21:11  
I’m a computer tech and long story short Shungite prob saved my life or a lifetime of headaches. I’m skeptical about well everything. Shungite works plain & simple.

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