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Shungit Farbe 0,5 L

Shungit Farbe 0,5 L

Exclusiv! Die Neue Shungit Farbe!

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Shungit Farbe 1,0 L

Shungit Farbe 1,0 L

Exclusiv! Die Neue Shungit Ferbe!

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Puck of shungite 75 х 25 mm polished

Puck of shungite 75 х 25 mm polished

PUCK OF SHUNGITE “SOCHI 2014” Official licensed merchandise.
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Our planet is millions of years old. To touch the antiquity and fill your house with the healing power of a mineral, mysterious and beautiful, take a look at souvenirs made of shungite. In the whole world there is only one deposit of this mysterious stone. Touching a ball or a cube, cut out of shungite, or experiencing the healing properties of the pyramid from this mineral, a person feels an inflow of strength and improves the general condition of his body.

About the benefits of a shungite gift

Shungite souvenirs can be different. This ancient and elite mineral is a rarity. Due to the fact that less and less shungite is mined, it has become very valuable for collectors. Souvenirs from shungite in the form of crystals look very attractive. The concentration of fullerenes in them reaches 93%. This means that with the help of such a souvenir made of shungite, you can mineralize drinking water and prepare baths for toning and rejuvenating the body.

A souvenir from elite shungite can help its owner in case of an inflammation of the skin. Also this material effectively helps in case of radiation exposure and oncology.

Souvenirs from Petrograd shungite have their own history. According to the legend, Tsar Peter I used this mineral to ensure that the water supplied to the soldiers was safe and free of toxins. Such water remained fresh for a long time and helped to avoid intestinal infections.

Also shungite souvenirs are popular as business gifts. Namely:

  • Stones for whiskey;
  • Shungite pyramids in caskets made of Karelian birch;
  • Souvenirs with logos made with gold embossing;
  • Hockey pucks etc.

Special attention deserve shungite clock souvenirs. Made in the form of pyramids or polished balls, they impress with their appearance. Often, the clock mechanism is inserted into a roughly cut shungite plate, and it looks great as part of the interior or decor element. In addition, this clock will create a protective screen from the harmful radiation of a TV set or a computer. Often in the plates of shungite there are inclusions of quartz. This makes the product of such material even more useful for purifying air from microbes and toxins.

A figurine made of shungite is also a wonderful souvenir that brings a lot of benefits. It is considered that such a souvenir will be a mascot for its owner. It will restore the positive energy in the house and cleanse the air of negative environmental factors. Souvenirs from shungite in the form of figurines are usually placed where the person spends a lot of time, and best of all - in the bedroom.

Unique shungite jewelry

Do you have a idea about the price of the jewelry aged several million years? Theoretically, it is priceless! Nevertheless, shungite jewelry has the price, and it is quite affordable. Souvenirs made of shungite in the form of bracelets on an elastic band or made in Shamballa style, beads and pendants will be a wonderful gift. In addition, when worn on the body, they can help normalize the blood pressure and clean the human biofield.

Amulets and rosary from shungite - are special souvenirs, because the person, who receives them as a gift, feels warmth and care. At the same time, such a gift will increase the immunity of its owner and protect it from the negative impact of the external environment.

Souvenirs from shungite is a combination of healing properties and a fascinating aesthetic appearance. This unique stone looks impressive. It has several deep shades - from blue-black to ash-gray. And when the gift combines beauty and benefits - it becomes really valuable.