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Geopathic Stress

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According to some theories and legends, geopathic stress are areas on Earth’s surface with some unknown geodesic and geological phenomena having a negative effect on humans, animals and plants.


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Gustav von Pohl was one of the first scientists to look into geopathic stress. He claimed that one factor was not taken into consideration while analyzing a group of people who died of cancer – their bedrooms were located in geopathic stress. In 1976 (according to other sources, in 1960), Ernst Hartmann published a book titled Illnesses as a Problem of Location. Later,K. Bahlerlisted the signs indicating that a person’s sleeping placewas located within a geopathic stress.These included antipathy to one’s bed, difficulty falling asleep (for hours), bad sleep, anxiousness, fatigue and feeling tired in the morning after waking up, bad mood, nervousness, depression, rapid heartbeat, and leg cramps. According to Bahler, children might also feel fear,scream in their sleep, grind their teeth, feel chilly while in bed, want to leave their bed, and lose appetite.

 Slip in geozone

In many cases, the use of this term implies that some negative effect on human health has been revealed but the exact reason (electromagnetic fields, emissionsof hazardous air pollutants, noise, infrasonic vibrations, specific micro or hyper-elements, etc.) has not been identified.


Faults, especially those located in the upper layers of Earth’s crust (cracks, cavities) are associated with a changed electromagnetic field and other parameters on the surface. Anthropogenic factors (pipelines, underground passages, metro tunnels, mines, etc.) may also cause the formation of geopathic stress.


Advocates of the theory of geopathic stress claim that the negative effect of geopathic stress on human health was proven a long time ago and their symptoms include mental disorders, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, as well as any instances of deteriorated health, hypertension, rapid heartbeat, etc.

wood Zone



The effect of geopathic stress on animals and plants


Advocates of the theory of geopathic stress claim that birch trees, lime trees and most coniferous trees are sick if grow over underground waters. They tend to have warts and ugly forms. Apple trees tend to have their leaves yellow and fall off too early, while plum and pear trees have their leaves wilt and die.

 Wood geopatagen zone




Despite the fact that advocates of the concept of geopathic stress have no unanimous opinion as to the nature of “geopathic radiation”, a number of methods to “protect oneself from the effect of geopathic stress” have been suggested, including:


  • “neutralization of the radiation” by such absorbing materials as shungite, felt, cardboard, wax, in the centimeter and longer wave range;
  • “deflecting” devices, such as metal nets and mirrors;
  • “catching” devices, such as “energy pyramids”, “generators” and “modulators” to “compensate” for the outside geopathic radiation of unknown nature;
  • leaving the geopathic stress.


We offer shungite pyramids, balls, cubes, pendants, bracelets and beads, as well as protection construction mixes to be used in shungite rooms.


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