Sphere of shungite polished 300mm.

Sphere of shungite polished 300mm.
( LTD Karelian horizon )

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Sphere of shungite polished 300mm.
Size 30 cm( 11 inches)

Weight 33 kg (72 pounds)

Radius action 25 m (71 feet)

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Shungite – the "Life Stone"

Polished shungite shperes are made of solid stone and are used for massaging hands, mitigating muscular fatigue, normalizing the exchange of energies, concentration and accelerating thought processes.

Due to the curative properties of the stone, exercises with the shungite balls improve the general body tonus and strengthen ones immunity, contribute to youthful appearance, relieve rheumatic pains and headaches, help to cope with insomnia, stress and depression.

On the palm of the hand, there are reflexogenic zones which are connected with the internal organs of the human body. Shungite balls massage helps to normalize the state of all the body systems including respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive ones.