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Agua de shungit. Las medidas terapéuticas: Dolor de garganta (resfriado)

Shungite water to cure sore throat


         La recomendación principal en este caso: es el comienzo inmediato del tratamiento, inmediatamente después de la aparición del dolor (independientemente de la hora del día). Con poco de agua de shungit calentada  durante uno o dos minutos, haga gárgaras cada una a dos horas.


         Depende del  tratamiento oportuno iniciado. Si el dolor de garganta apareció por la noche y no espero el amanecer, con el uso de las gárgaras  puede deshacerse por completo del dolor antes de la mañana.

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Agua de shungit. Las medidas terapéuticas: Angina



Actividades terapéuticas

Uno o dos minutos después de cada recepción de los alimentos en la mañana y antes de irse a la cama (hasta seis veces al día) durante tres días hacer gargarismo con agua de shungit calentada ligeramente de antemano . Si a la inflamación de la garganta se unió la rinitis (secreción nasal), puede irrigar la nariz con el agua de shungit. Después del gargarismo necesita consumir un tercio de un vaso del agua (alcalina) viva.


Depende en gran medida del individuo. Algunas personas pueden curarse al día siguiente después de iniciar el tratamiento. Generalmente, en el primer día la temperatura alcanza valores normales y todos los síntomas desaparecen al segundo o tercer día.

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El agua de shungit. Verdad y ficción.

To figure out how to use shungite for water purification, you should know how shungite water is made and why shungite is used for water purification.


There are several methods of shungite water making:


  1. By infusing shungite sets in water for a certain period of time using different-size containers.
  2. By using shungite water filters.


Well discuss the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the effect of these two water purification methods later in this article. In the meantime, wed like to answer the following question, Why do leading water filter manufacturers use shungite in their tap water filters? The answer is that shungite is an excellent sorbent.

Shungite water filter 2

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Opinión de Vera Sergeevna Larioshina. Brujera, medium, curandera, cartas tarot


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Shungite EMF Protection!

Harmful EMF surrounds all people. Find out how to protect yourself from it. Right now!

The enigma of the shungite pyramid

The healing properties of shungite have been known for about five centuries. But it was not until 1998 when a group of British scientists made a sensational discovery that the matrix of this ancient mineral consists of fullerenes, i.e. cosmic globular molecules. One of the most probable hypotheses says that these organic deposits are the result of the impact event when a huge asteroid, a fragment of the planet Phaethon that disappeared 2 billion years ago, hit the Earth. The biggest shungite deposits concentrate on the territory of Zaonezhski peninsular (Karelia, Russia). But pure shungite can be found within the Zazhoginskoye field only. That’s the place where unique whole samples are mined to make exquisite statuettes, talismans, plates and pyramids.

All shungite forms including chips, break stones and the smallest grits have unique properties. But the pyramid-shaped stone becomes incredibly effective. Every person that has this pyramid by him or her for several hours feels peaceful, reposed and extremely vigorous. It can protect us from the negative energy impact and change our perception absolutely. That’s the reason why some esotery specialists perform magic rituals with the shungite pyramids creating success, protection and other egregores. But reliable research sources let us claim that this ancient shape forms a torsional field round it and blocks all the pathogenic rays. Ideal regular pyramid faces intensify the natural energy of the Karelian mineral. It is proved that the positive effect radius of the shungite pyramid is over 5 meters whereas nephrite or quartz pyramids “work” within half a meter only.


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