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Protecting Yourself Against RF Radiation

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Sources of RF Electromagnetic Fields

Sources of RF radiation include radio, TV, radiolocation, radio control, quenching and melting of metals, welding of non-metals, electrical prospecting in geology (radio-frequency surveying, induction methods, etc.), radio communication, etc.



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Biological Effect of RF Electromagnetic Fields

According to the subjective sensations and objective reactions, HF, UHF and SHF radio waves within the entire spectrum have a similar effect on the human body. However, SHF electromagnetic waves are associated with the most adverse consequences.

Central nervous system and cardiovascular system disorders are associated with radio waves within the entire spectrum. A thermal effect is common for high-intensity RF electromagnetic fields that can be seen in the heating of certain tissues and organs, especially the crystalline lens, gallbladder, and bladder.

The subjective sensations of the patients exposed to RF electromagnetic fields include frequent headaches, sleepiness or insomnia, fatigability, sluggishness, weakness, excessive sweating, blackouts, absent-mindedness, vertigo, memory impairment, anxiety, fears, etc.

We should also add such negative effects on human health as mutagenic activity and temporary sterilization when exposed to intensities above the thermal threshold.

Protecting Yourself Against RF Electromagnetic Fields

To ensure your safety when in proximity to sources of electromagnetic waves, RF electromagnetic radiation measurement needs to be conducted. To protect yourself against RF electromagnetic fields, whether at work or home, the following methods can be used:

  1. Shielding of the area or radiation source with special construction mixes.
  2. Increasing the distance to the radiation source.
  3. Rearranging the equipment.
  4. The use of special materials absorbing RF radiation, such as shungite spheres, pyramids and cubes.

Also, you can use personal RF radiation protection accessories. Thus, carry a shungite necklace, bracelet or pendant with you at all times.

To prevent illnesses associated with RF radiation, have medical examinations on a regular basis. Pregnant women and nursing mothers must exercise extra caution with regard to RF radiation.  

Health Effects of RF Radiation

They began studying electromagnetic fields in the 60s. When enough clinical material regarding the negative effects of magnetic and electromagnetic fields had been gathered, a new diseasewas introduced. It was called “Radio wave sickness” or “Chronic microwave lesion”. It was determined that, first of all, our nervous system, especially higher nervous activity, is highly susceptible to RF radiation and, secondly, RF radiation has informational action at intensities below the thermal threshold. The results of these studies were used to develop RF radiation regulations which proved to be very strict.

Biological Effects of RF Radiation

Due to multiple studies of the biological effects of RF radiation, the most RF radiation-sensitive body systems were determined. These include such critical body systems as nervous, immune, endocrine, and genital.

The biological effects of many years of exposure to RF radiation accumulate and may result in long-term effects, including negative processes in the central nervous system, leukemia, brain tumors, and hormonal disorders. RF radiation is especially dangerous to children, pregnant women (embryo), those suffering from central nervous, hormonal and cardiovascular system disorders and allergy,as well as people with a weak immune system.

Effect of RF Radiation on the Central Nervous System

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According to multiple studies, the central nervous system is one of the most RF-radiation sensitive body systems. Low-intensity RF radiation causes significant changes in nerve cells, neurotransmission structural formations (synapse) and isolated nervous structures. It impacts nervous activity and memory in people exposed to RF radiation and may cause stress in them.

Effect of RF Radiation on the Immune System

Currently, there is a lot of data indicating the negative effect of RF radiation on the immune responsiveness of the body. The results of some studies lead to the conclusion that RF radiation disturbs immunogenesis processes. It has also been determined that exposure to RF radiation causes infection diseases in animals to aggravate. The effect of high-intensity RF radiation on the immune system is cellular immunosuppression.

Protecting Yourself Against RF Radiation

To protect yourself against RF radiation, reduce your exposure to such radiation-emitting devices as tablets, phones and Wi-Fi routers, and ensure that radiation levels do not exceed the standards.

Use RF radiation-absorbing spheres, cubes and pyramids made of shungite, or apply special construction mixes to the walls.

Technical Protection

Construction mixes, metal sheets and other conducting surfaces, including specially designed building materials, can be used to provide electromagnetic radiation protection in building structures. Metallized films and fabrics can be used as radiation shielding.

We offer a widerange of shungite cubes, spheres, pyramids, necklaces, bracelets and shungite-based construction mixes to help you protect yourself against RF radiation.

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