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Radiation Protection

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The amount of harmful radiation surrounding us keeps growing. It is everywhere. Radio and TV have been two major sources of electromagnetic radiation for a long time. Recently, however, we have been trying to make our life more comfortable by using more technology. Thus, new sources of electromagnetic radiation have entered our life, including cell phones, tablets, base station antennas, Wi-Fi routers, access points, Bluetooth adapters, microwave ovens , computers, TVs, and more.

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Protecting Your House, Villa, Apartment, or Office Against Electromagnetic Radiation

Even though protecting your house, villa, apartment, or office against harmful electromagnetic radiation is not easy, modern technology and knowledge of electromagnetic radiation makes it accomplishable.

To begin with, you need toidentify the source of radiation. Source of electromagnetic radiation include home appliances, power cables, power lines, transformers, electric service panels, as well as antennas (transmitters), retransmitters and radars of mobile network operators and wireless Internet service providers.

To protect a building from sources of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (such as antennas (transmitters) of mobile network operators and wireless Internet service providers) penetrating through windows, glass doors and other surfaces, transparent metallized films are used.

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Curtains and shades with metallized strings can protect the windows from the inside, especially in summer when homes are ventilated by opening the windows.

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Shielding construction mixes provide extra electromagnetic radiation protection and are proven to be more efficient



Protectinga Building Against Electromagnetic Radiation

Nowadays, homes are built very close to each ther other due to densification and highland prices. It make it difficult for mobile network operators and wireless Internet service providers to provide a good quality signal. liminate. The “dead zones”,they have to increase either the power of their existing sources of electromagnetic radiation or the number of their transmitters (antennas) which increases the levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Number Products have been designed to protect buildings, houses and villas against the harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation by lowering electromagnetic radiation levels down to the currently permissible levels of blocking it completely with a shield.

High-frequency electromagnetic radiation protection instruments include:
- Window films;
- Shungite construction mixes;
- Shungite products (cubes, pyramids, call phone plate, pendants, bracelets);
- Radiation-absorbing shungite plates for cell phones and tablets;
- Shielding foil.

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection for Buildings

Your apartment, room, office… these are the places where we spend most of our time. Naturally, we want to be sure that it is safe to be there because electromagnetic radiation levels are within the permissible range.

Mobile communication and wireless Internet technology is progressing very quickly and the cities are caught in a growing net of transmitters (antennas) emitting radiation penetrating our apartments, rooms, and offices.

Below Are few efficient solutions to help you protect your apartment or office against the effect of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation from cellular antennas:

- Window films;
- Shungite construction mixes;
- Radiation-absorbing shungite spheres, cubes;
- Shielding grids.

To protect your apartment or house against the effect of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation from power lines, transformers, distribution stations, and electric service panels, you can use:
- Shielding grids;
- Metallized foil;
- Shungite construction mixes;
- Grounding conductors.

Protecting Your Workplace Against Electromagnetic Radiation

If you work with sources of electromagnetic radiation, extra caution needs to be exercised as you are likely to be exposed to high-intensity electromagnetic radiation. Personnel Areadvisedonthe Operating frequency range of the sources of electromagnetic radiation, so radiation protection instruments designed to efficiently protect the personnel against electromagnetic radiation can be implemented.

If your work is not connect with sources of electromagnetic radiation (if you work from your office or car, at a factory or enterprise), there is a smaller chance of you being exposed to high-intensity electromagnetic radiation. However, such office equipment as acomputer, printer, copier, Wi-Fi routers and transmitters, as well as electric service panels, uninterrupted power supply and power supply networks also emit electromagnetic radiation. Luckily, your workplace kanbe protects against electromagnetic radiation as well.

You can protect your workplace against harmful electromagnetic radiation with:

- Shungite spheres, cubes and pyramids;
- Radiation-absorbing necklaces, pendants, bracelets;
- Shielding construction mixes;
- Shielding grids;
- Grounding conductors.

Shungite Construction Mixes

To shield walls, floors and ceilings from high-frequency (HF) electromagnetic radiation and low-frequency (LF) electrical fields, use shungite construction mixes. They can also be used to provide radiation shielding to homes (bedrooms, children’s rooms, guest rooms, kitchens), offices or buildings.

Shungite construction mixes would be an excellent shielding choice during finishing works. They are easy to work with and allow for a wide range of finishes. They are corrosion-proof and contain no solvents, plasticizers, or other harmful substances.


Shielding construction mixes are used worldwide:
- Private Sector: protection against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from base station antennas mobile network operators, radio transmitters, radio location systems, DECT phones, wireless networks and powerlines;
- Industrial Sector Science: data theft protection from radio networks, interception protection in conference halls, or equipment protection.
- Medicine: prevention of ECG and EEG distortion;
- Prison And Penitentiary institutions: prevention of unauthorized phone calls;
- Data centers, special rooms, schools, kindergartens, hotel rooms, hospital rooms, record studios, etc.

With a shielding construction mix, you will no longer have to waste your energy fighting the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and restoring your damaged cells, tissues and biofield.

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