Our company, LTD “Karelian horizon” is located in Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia, Russia. Our address for documents:Rigachina 64A, office 117, Petrozavodsk, Russia 185005 The address of our office: Office 117, Rigachina 64 A, Petrozavodsk, Russia 185005

 office 117. ZIP 185005

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Shungite Tile unpolishe ...Shungite Tile unpolished 20x20x2 cm Contactar para precio Shungite Tile polished ...Shungite Tile polished 20x20x2 cm Contactar para precio BIG crystal ELITE shung ...BIG crystal ELITE shungite 2338 gr $8 980.00 $4 490.00
Ahorro: 50.00%
BIG Crystal shungite EL ...BIG Crystal shungite ELITE 252 gr $999.00 $699.30
Ahorro: 30.00%