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Shungit mx

Dear Nata!! The package has arrived in perfect condition. Thank you and you will be hearing from me soon. Have an excellent day!!!


Buongiorno, grazie per avermi inviato la pietra che mancava, è arrivata oggi ed è molto bella. Ciao

Mario Galluppi

Buongiorno Michelle, sono molto soddisfatto dei ciondoli e apprezzo la vostra serietà. Grazie del certificato! wow! Sicuramente consiglio e consiglierò il vostro sito per acquisti legati alla Vostra attività. Se volete siete autorizzati a pubblicare il mio feedback- Cordiali saluti, Mario Galluppi


I got the order today. THANK YOU! I am pleased by the quantity and quality of my purchase & will recommend you to others.


I bought over $130 worth of products did not receive product. I opened case with paypal , company sent a bogus fedex tracking that did not have a valid address. Wrote the company numerous times to resolve order, they did not send product again or refund my money . DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. THEY HAVE NO INTEGRITY!!!! BUYER BEWARE. There are other companies to buy shungite from

- JCjim

Hi Nata - we received our order. MANY thanx for sending the missing elite. You guys are the best in the Shungite world!!! Have a nice new year with your families.


Hi Guys, Thank you so so very very much. Great products, quality. Stones are so nice. Best wishes for you.

Mary Bonsall

thank you I did receive the first package, All good, Mary Bonsall USA

James F.

Hi Nata - we received the order of all these 'stones of life.' Thank you very much for all your hard work! West wished from USA


Thank you for being a USA source for offering these elite shungite pendants! If coming from Russia, I would never know when to expect these. These are just what I need for the grounding and EMF protection I am looking for. There is so much wireless radiation to shield from, so thank you again for being a nearby source to reduce shipping time! Have a wonderful day

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