Elite Shungite Crystal 156 Grams

Elite Shungite Crystal 156 Grams
( LTD Karelian horizon )

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Elite Shungite

Sounds beautiful and exalted, doesn't it?

We all know the elite drinks and clothes, but the stone? Well, this is quite normal for rock formation, which has unique properties. Elite means "selected shungite." While the normal samples have up to 50% of carbon compounds, the elite shungite has up to 98%. Due to this fact the elite shungite has a stronger effect on the human body. It has a higher density, and is extraordinarily beautiful compared to the usual shungite. Its value is so high, that it is not used for making table shungite pyramids or shungite plates.Elite shungite is used exclusively in its raw form, because it is very beautiful. The large pieces have more value, as they are very rare in nature