ClickCease F.A.Q. F.A.Q.

What I need to choose for personal protection?

Because you would not take big stone in your bag so we recommend to combine several small items together. Something like pendant+bracelet+keychai or elite stone in a bag+earrings+necklace

What do you recommend for home protection?

With shungite size is matters, so the bigger size the better protection. Shungite is like a magnet for EMF fields, it is close them inside, so small product will be too weak to help with them. Better to choose products 10cm, 15cm and more for home. Some customers make home design with tiles near TV zone or on the kitchen near microwave zone. I put pictures to this letter. You need to put shungite near any electric sources, such like router, TV or computer.
The same thing, small pyramid do not help you with EMF around home, you need to think about big sizes - 15cm and more. Or tiles decoration for house.If you have flowers or trees who are ill you can washed them with shungite powder 0,25mm and it can helps them.
Shungite kills pathogenic bacteria.

How to prepare shungite water?

Step 1.
Buy Shungite stones. There are 3 different groups 1-3gr., 3-5gr., or 1-5gr together and 5-20gr.
Step 2.
Rinse the stones in the water. After that boil them for 10-15min. You don`t need Shungite dust.
Step 3.
Take 200gr. Shungite stones of the group 1-5gr. (1-3gr., 1-5gr.) by liter of the water. And if you have bought the group 5-20gr, take 400gr. by liter.
Step 4.
Wait at least 24 hours. But it would be better if you can wait 2 days (24 hours). You shouldn’t wait more than 3 days (72 hours), there is no point. So, you must wait 1-3 days.
Step 5.
At the end you need to pour the clean water in another container. Now you can drink the water! The water is ready to use!
You can use elite stones for 10-12 months, regular shungite 5-6monthsAfter you need to change them.

How long I can use Elite stones for water? And regular stones too?

You need to change Elite stones after 10-12 months and we recommend to change regular stones every 5 months. Also wash the stones periodically in running water.

It is a fake shungite, it leaves black marks on my skin and clothes! How to clean it?

Shungite is very soft stone, so it is normal thing if it leaves black marks. Some customers check authenticity of the stone this way. We recommend not to wash polished items, because they will lost their shining. But only clear polished product with DRY cloth several times. Unpolished products can be washed without any problems.

I have unusual wrist size, can you produce special bracelet length for me?

Yes, we can produce special size for you, you need to make a request to our email – But producing any personal tasks may take 7-10 business days.

I made a purchase and have not received any shipping information, what happened to my order?

Thank you for your order. We make our best to produce and pack orders fast. But you need to know, that every order produce and pack by hands. We have a big wharehouse in Russia and small stock in USA. Sometimes we need a time to produce products! So do not worry, we do not forget about the order. Production time may take 5-10 business days, packaging time – 3-7 days (it depends on season, if it is a Christmas it maybe a queue on our production and packaging lines!). It is not manufactured by a machine in China, you have purchased a one of a kind unique product, so, plan your gifts in advance. You can ask us about a queue or to pack the order faster to our email –

I received only gifts, did you forget about my order? I received part of my order, did you lost my items?

Most likely the order has been packed separately. If something is out of stock in Brooklyn (USA) we will ship the last order from main warehouse in Russia. Please, check your email firstly, maybe you did not see our tracking notification! We do not provide USPS trackings, because shipping time in USA is very fast – 2-5 days. So, while we are sending tracking, you can already receive your parcel.

I didn't read the faq page and I figured I was being scammed and opened a claim with paypal, what happens to my order?

We get a notification that you cancelled the order. We will put it out from production and packaging line. You can restore the order any time you need, just let us know and we will make official Paypal invoice for the order. Do not provide your personal card data, we accept all transactions only via Paypal or 2checkout systems. It is safe for you!

I put my products to the cart, but can not make a payment, what to do?

Please, check you logged in or create an account before ordering. Our system does not accept orders without an account. Also contact us, we can make official Paypal invoice or payment link for your order.

My order was delayed EN route by customs. They ask you to send copies of the documents. What should I do, I don't have them.

Contact us, we will send you scans with your customs invoice.

I put wrong address, what to do?

Always check your shipping address twice. We do not use billing address for shipping. If we catch the mistake, we will change it. If we do not catch the mistake, we are not responsible. We cannot put your shipping comments to post man on another country. So, check your tracking information regularly. If you put a wrong address information contact us and we will fix it.

I want to use my Nickname or use short name like KJ.

Our post service and customs will mark package as undeliverable or incorrect address and it will be returned back to us. So please, use full name and check address before payment!

I forgot my password, token invalid or I did not receive the token to email, can you help?

First, check your spam folder. Sometimes our notifications lost in spam. Contact us, we will make a new password for you manually.

Is your shungite authentic? Do you have certificates?

Yes, we are a company in Karelia (where shungite mines), we get all stones from Zazhogino. If you need, we are ready to send our certificates to you personally! We have no obsidian or hematite here.

What type of shungite is my pyramid made of?

There are three types of shungite:
Type 3 - regular shungite 35-45% carbon content. All pyramids, balls, cubes, beads and chips for water purification are made from this type of shungite. Shungite is a soft stone and can leave black marks; this feature confirms the authenticity of the stone. Polished products must not be wiped with a damp cloth or washed. Wipe with a dry cloth. Unpolished you can rinse to wash off dust from them.

Type 2 - Petrovsky Shungite. It contains 65% -75% carbon. It is used to purify water and jewelry. But this stone is more expensive and also fragile.

Type 1 - ELITE shungite is a very fragile stone-crystal with a carbon content of 95-98%. BEWARE! Elite shungite is not possible to be subjected to any treatment - it is a fragile stone that does not hold its shape. The structure is such that it does not make beads, pyramids and other products. It can be purchased as it is.

Do you have a physical store?

No, not at this time.

Do you do customs orders?

Yes, if it can be done. Contact us.

I received broken product. What to do?

  1. 1.Make a clear photo with broken piece.
  2. 2.Specify your order number ( not a bank transaction data), full name.
  3. 3.Explain what happened in message to

When we ship your piece out it will not be shipped broken, if your piece arrives to you broken we will replace it. If it is broken while in your hands we will not issue a refund. You can contact us for further info on a solution if this happens to you. We are not responsible for the customer's care of their pieces or lack of.

Can I add something to may order?

Yes, you contact us the same day and ask to add or remove something in your order. Do not forget that you get free gifts of this month if you placed the order under 100usd (excluding shipping cost and coupon code!).