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Protecting Yourself Against RF Radiation

Sources of RF Electromagnetic Fields

Sources of RF radiation include radio, TV, radiolocation, radio control, quenching and melting of metals, welding of non-metals, electrical prospecting in geology (radio-frequency surveying, induction methods, etc.), radio communication, etc.



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Negative Health Effects of a Wi-Fi Router

Mass media avoids discussing how Wi-Fi routers impact human health. Nevertheless, the negative health effects of electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices and home appliances, Wi-Fi routers included, can be considered proven..

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Protecting Yourself Against Electromagnetic Radiation From Home Appliances

Electromagnetic radiation may have negative health effects only if it is strong enough, as well as in case of long-term exposure.

Let us find out which home appliances emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

These include:

–No-frost refrigerators;
– TV sets (CRT TVs; does not apply to LCD TVs);
– Computer monitors (CRT monitors; does not apply to LCD monitors);

– Microwave ovens;
– Heaters;
– Some underfloor heating systems;
– Some alarm systems;
– Battery chargers, voltage stabilizers, etc.

Electromagnetic Radiation 1

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Protection from Cell Phone Radiation: Reality or Deception?

Hello, dear friends! Please count how many house hold appliances and electrical devices you have at home. I have counted over 20 items. And you cannot do without them: fridges, microwave ovens, washing machines, computers, tablets; our life has become closely intertwined with these appliances. Try throwing away any of them and you will feel emptiness, as if you got deprived of something most precious in your life.

Naturally, each of these appliances generates an electromagnetic field, which exerts a direct influence on us. In case of overlapping electromagnetic waves, the effects becomestronger. Where do you think fatigue and tiredness come from? Electrical devices are partly to blame for such a situation.



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Protection of Electronics from EMP

A powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) emerges as a result of a burst of energy that is emitted or transmitted by such sources as the Sun or large electric generators. It is necessary to have a well-thought-out protection of all electrical and electronic devices against an EMP so that they can continue functioning after the EMP caused by either natural or technological reasons.



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