ClickCease 100mm Polished shungite pyramid with engraving Flower of life
  • 100mm Polished shungite pyramid with engraving Flower of life

100x100mm Polished shungite pyramid with engraving "Flower of life"

Action radius: 10 m (33 feet)
Size: 3.94x3.94 inches
Weight: 750 grams (1.65 pounds)
We can make your personal engraving (minimum order amount 25 pcs, special prices! contact with us by email:

Shungite Pyramid eng

So, shungite pyramid is one of the most effective tools against geopathogenic radiation. Shungite pyramid not only reduces the negative impact of environment, but also neutralizes geopathic rays, helping you to protect your home from electromagnetic radiation of computers, fridges, TV sets, phones.


Use of shungite pyramids.

The fact that the pyramid has quickly become the most popular product made of shungite is no coincidence. Since ancient times, the pyramids occupy an important position in the development of civilization. Because of its shape, the pyramid creates torsion field around it, reflecting harmful radiation.

Regular use of shungite pyramid results in alignment of organism energy, strengthens the biofield, decreases nervousness and normalizes sleep. People feel significant increase in efficiency of activities. Shungite pyramid improves psycho-emotional state, relieves rheumatic and spinal pains.

Even one pyramid in the room provides a peaceful, relaxing setting. Relationships between people in such premises become better, all conflicts ceaseThis is indicated by all people who started to use the pyramids.

How to choose a pyramid for yourself?

Both polished and unpolished pyramids work the same. Their only difference is that unpolished pyramid can become dirty while polished can not. From an aesthetic point of view, polished pyramid looks much better in any room - noble black color fits in absolutely any interior.

Pyramids are of different sizeThe larger the pyramid, the wider its range. Pyramids with a base of up to 10 centimeters are used to protect small rooms, reflect radiation from laptops and computers.

Just choose the needed type of pyramid specified above and click on the image. If it’s hard for you to pick a pyramid yourself, give us a call using any telephone number (at the top of the page) and our specialist will help you to choose the best option to suit your needs.

 N.B. You can add your own engraving desing, for wholesale only, contact with us by email:

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100mm Polished shungite pyramid with engraving Flower of life

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