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Our company, LTD “Karelian horizon” is located in Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia, Russia. Our address for documents:Rigachina 64A, office 117, Petrozavodsk, Russia 185005 The address of our office: Office 117, Rigachina 64 A, Petrozavodsk, Russia 185005

 office 117. ZIP 185005

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Stand big for ball or e ...Stand big for ball or egg of shungite $16.70 $8.35
You Save: 50.00%
Stand small for ball or ...Stand small for ball or egg $5.60 $2.80
You Save: 50.00%
Pendant "Rhombus" of mi ...Pendant $9.00 $4.50
You Save: 50.00%
400x400mm Polished shun ...400x400mm Polished shungite pyramid $3 315.45