ClickCease Shungite Unità Decine elettrodo МВ 6.03.01 «Lepestok»

Tens unit electrode МВ 6.03.01 «Lepestok»

Tens unit electrode МВ 6.03.01 «Lepestok»
( LTD Karelian horizon )

Price: $85.00

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Electrode «Lepestok» («Petal») is produced for comfortable massage of the back. Can be used only with Markelov stimulator TENS unit.

Massage of the muscles of the lower and upper part of the back on the wide «Lepestok» electrode is effected as follows. Cotton surface of the electrode is copiously wet with warm water. Water is a major conductor and well-damped surface makes muscle contractions comfortable and doesn’t cause unpleasant and painful feelings. Then the electrode is put with the dry surface down and a bare-backed patient lies down on its wet surface. The zone of signal exposure shall maximally approach the pain source. But in the course of the session the signal is not advisable to pass through the pinched nerve. The electrode mustn’t be placed too low and the contractions mustn’t reach the upper part of the buttocks. The coccygeal zone is sensitive, so painful sensations may arise and a wide electrode mustn’t simultaneously overlap two treatment zones – back and buttocks. Such position is not a proper one. When the electrode is in the spinal zone it is necessary for the avoidance of painful feelings in the shoulder blades zone lying on the back to round the back with the arms folded across the chest. Muscle contraction shall approach the sore point and the patient shall not experience discomfort. During the signal transmission you can move the electrode searching for comfortable positions for muscle contraction. The power level is adjusted according to subjective sensations. They shall not be painful, unpleasant. The exposure shall be deep enough so that the signal could contract all muscles in the zone of body contact with the electrode. 

The wide electrode is designed to relieve chronic pain of thoracic and lower spine, including the pain caused by hernias and protrusions. Massage of the lower back improves the immune system significantly, this massage is best to apply when the initial symptoms of cold appear. As a rule, the effect appears 3-4 hours after the session.

Key Features:

  • Cable length (with connector RCA), m: 1.4 m
  • Dimensions (L*W*H) mm: 417*298*6
  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Model: 6.03.01
  • Price: $ 85,00