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The components of this filter change the structure of tap water into a natural one. As a result, your water obtains the properties of spring or healing water. The estimated life span is around 5000 liters. After that we recommend to change cartridge. We can prepare a special edition with ELITE fraction, in this case the lifetime of the filter will be 10 000 liters. If you need this type of filter let us know by email:

    The Natural Water filter has been designed to make high quality drinking water rich in such minerals as magnesium and calcium. The components of this filter change the structure of tap water into a natural one. As a result, your water obtains the properties of spring or healing water.

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 Why is tap water bad for your health?

     If you live in a city, big or small, tap water is probably bad for your health, because the water purification technology used by water supply plants was designed for once pure lakes, rivers and aquifers. Water treatment plants found in cities treat water with chlorine (for disinfection) and aluminum sulfate (for coagulation). Reacting with water’s organic substances, chlorine forms highly toxic chlororganic substances, while aluminum salts have a neurotoxic effect. Chlorinated water causes corrosion in low quality water system pipes. As a result, the concentration of iron salts found in tap water that we use in our homes exceeds maximum permitted levels.

Regular water filters.

     Water filtering systems can be a solution.  A number of water treatment techniques have been designed, including activated carbon filtering, ion-exchange resin filtering, ion-exchange membrane filtering, electrodialysis, osmosis, and more. While most water filters retain toxicants (some more, some less), they also remove such components as magnesium and calcium salts that are essential for human health. But most importantly, water filters remove microelements inherent in natural water. The water ceases to be biologically active, and you drink pure but “artificial” water.

Filtered water that is good for your health.

       Natural Water filters remove all organic substances (including oil products and pesticides), many metals and nonmetals, bacteria and microorganisms from water. With a Natural Water filter, you can get pure, biologically active water that is good for your health. The water treatment technique used in Natural Water filters is similar to natural water filtration as it occurs in Lake Onega – a lake with the purest and softest water in the world. The exceptional quality of its water can be explained by the fact that there are shungite deposits on the bottom of this unique ancient lake. “Martsialnye vody” and “Tri Ivana” springs are well-known all over the world for their miracle-working properties obtained because the groundwater is filtered with shungite. 

      Our experts have managed to simulate and recreate the process of fine purification and conditioning of water in a laboratory, based on the processes occurring in the natural therapeutic waters of Karelia. It has been determined that Karelia waters are formed on a certain complex of geological materials, its two major components being carbonate rock with a specific composition and carbon-bearing Karelia shungite.

How did we manage to recreate this water filtering technique?

       Shungite, dolomite and quartz sand are purifying and conditioning materials. They are subject to chemical and heat treatment. This allows us to improve these sorbents’ filtering properties greatly.

      The water passes through three cartridges with filtering media. The first one contains shungite media. This is where oxidation of organic and chlororganic substances, partial absorption of heavy metals, water disinfection and acidification with shungite to a pH of about 5.5 occur.

     After that, the acidic water passes through dolomite. Partially dissolving, it enriches the water with calcium, magnesium and other microelements. Also, the water is neutralized up to a pH of 7-7.5. As a result, iron and aluminum hydroxide sediments capture heavy metals and radionuclides.

      Then, the water passes through layers of sand that detains iron and aluminum hydroxides allowing the water to restore its natural structure.

The advantages of the Natural Water filter.

      Below are the main advantages of our Natural Water filter as compared with other water treatment systems:

        This sorbent (modified shungite) removes 99% of free radicals from water. Free radicals are linked to a number of diseases, including cancer, strokes and heart attacks, and are believed to cause aging.

        With a Natural Water filter, you can not only remove various hazardous substances from water but also adjust it`s macroelement (magnesium and calcium salts) and microelement composition to enjoy spring-like, biologically active water.

 Main filtering characteristics of Natural Water filters

 Purification efficiency.


Tap water before filtering, mg/l

Filtered water, mg/l



less than 0.005



less than 0.001



less than 0.001



less than 0.001



less than 0.0001



less than 0.001



less than 0.001












less than 0.001



less than 0.00002



less than 0.003

Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethan (DDT)


less than 0.000005



less than 0.001



less than 7.05

  The effect of Natural Water filters on distilled water.

       The results of enriching distilled water (see Table 1) confirm that it’s possible to adjust the macro- and microelement composition of purified water by changing the percentage ratio of the layers of filtering media (or by changing the filtration time).


Distilled water,


Conditioned water,



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Not found



Not found



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"Natural Water" Shungite filter

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