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Big piece of Petrovsky shungite stone, 1920 gr

Big piece of Petrovsky shungite stone, 1920 gr

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Petrovsky shungite is a special offer for our customers. Petrovsky he named because even under Peter I was discovered by the magic properties of this mineral, and the king ordered all soldiers and workers to carry a piece of shungite with them to disinfect the water. Petrovsky schungite features a special porous structure that adsorbs all harmful impurities contained in the water - heavy metals, salts, organic compounds.

At the same time, water is saturated with shungite ions, which makes it clean and useful, improves the taste and transparency of water.

Petrovsky shungite for water is an easy and convenient way to get clean and useful water, it is enough to just put a few crystals into it.

Method of infusion: 2 liters of water requires 200 grams of Petrovsky schungite. The period of infusion is 8 hours. The service life is 6 months.