Powder of shungite 0.25 mm 800 gr (1.8 lb)

Powder of shungite 0.25 mm 800 gr (1.8 lb)
( LTD Karelian horizon )

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Powder of shungite 0-20 micron 800 gr 1.8 lb 02

Karelian shungite is an absolutely unique natural mineral. The unique characteristics of its chemical composition and properties are expressed by the fact that fine powder is created on its basis. This powder is used mostly for the treatment of allergic skin reactions and other skin diseases.


Shungite powder-based healthcare products have various effects on the skin:

- Reduce irritations, have a sedative (calming) effect due to their medicinal and antibacterial properties, protect the skin from inflammation.

- Stimulate the renewal of skin cells and circulation of blood, extend blood vessels. This improves the skin structure and its vitality.

- Create a natural acid-base balance. Adjust the protective properties of the skin.

- Disinfect and accelerate the renewal of skin cells

- Accumulate structured water in cells, enriching them with necessary micro nutrients. Does not cause allergies. As a strong absorbent, they also detoxify the cells without causing irritation.

Powder of shungite 0-20 micron 800 gr 1.8 lb 01


Shungite powder is used in case of aggravation of skin diseases, reddening and itching, allergic reactions that children may have. It is also recommended to use shungite ointment-based formulae for skin care, itch and pain control.