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Shungite Building mixes

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Shungite Building mixes

Since ancient times, shungite has been used for healing of the body. At present, the "slate stone" is widely used in various spheres of life: jewelry and accessories, mixtures for water purification, construction. Also very beautiful are souvenirs made of the polished black stone. Nevertheless, the topic of this article is construction and the role that shungite plays in it.

Protection from electromagnetic radiation

The shungite building mixes of have a number of useful and important qualities, which stimulated people to use them actively in the construction of houses. The main distinctive feature of the stone is protection against the effects of electromagnetic fields. Since the levels of electromagnetic radiation often and significantly exceed the norm in our time, shungite is a real salvation.

Around us, there is a full range of cellular transponders, radar stations, various electrical installations and radio engineering objects that negatively affect human health. When the electromagnetic radiation exceeds the norm (values that are harmless to humans), you may get serious health problems. According to the majority of scientists, the harmful effects of radiation should be actively suppressed, and it is necessary to install protective devices where possible. Otherwise, people's health will constantly get worse.

Shungite building mixes perfectly protect from the influence of electromagnetic fields. Of course, the slate stone is not the only material in the world with such properties. For example, metal screens also have the ability to reflect the radiation of harmful fields. However, they also have harmful effects on humans, since they block both harmful and vital waves, such as the cosmic radiation and the natural electromagnetic background of the Earth.

Technological properties of shungite

Based on the mineral, various types of plaster and mixtures for floor covering are made. In general, the material properties are similar to traditional magnesian building compounds. The main advantages are:

  • dust repulsion;
  • high degree of durability, comparable with the concrete of quality class M-30;
  • nonflammability;
  • ecological cleanliness and safety for health, because this building material consists only of natural components;
  • no need to reinforce the structure with the mesh during installation;
  • the absence of sparks when striking with metal objects, which improves safety.

Magnesite can be the only binding agent in shungite construction mixes due to its energy density. In combination with gypsum or portland cement, shungite loses its protective properties.

Shungite and the psychophysical state of a human

Building compounds with the "slate stone" are safe for health, they include only natural components and are suitable for long-term contact. Experiments have shown that a room decorated with the stone improves human energy and positively affects the psychophysical condition. The researchers used methodologies that were proven and accredited in the scientific field.

For example, the Military Medical Academy experimented with a floor covering made of building materials containing shungite. Studies have shown that the stone neutralizes the influence of geopathic zones.

Shungite is a unique mineral. It harmonizes the human energy, improves mental and physical health, protects from harmful electromagnetic fields. In addition, workpieces made of this stone are extremely popular due to their aesthetic and healing properties.