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Shungite Bath Foam with Echinacea and Karelian herbs

                A combination of Echinacea, Karelian herbs and shungite water contributes to the str..

$17.00 $34.00

Shungite bath foam with with Melissa Leaf Oil and Karelian herbs

Shungite Bath Foam with Melissa Leaf Oil and Karelian herbs collection of smoothing down action    ..

$17.00 $34.00

Shungite hair mask with essential oils and herbal extracts

            The unique combination of the shungite mask natural ingredients improves blood circulati..

$17.00 $34.00

Shungite hair mask with keratin and natural oils

      The unique combination of the shungite mask natural ingredients restores strength and shining ..

$17.00 $34.00

Shungite Paste

Shungite paste: 300 gr.                         Shungite paste is a suspension made of shungite powd..

$17.75 $35.50

Silky serum for youth and beauty of skin

                The specially designed formula of gentle serum helps permanently preserve youth and ..

$10.00 $20.00


             The soap is made of Karelian berries extract complex and D-panthenol on the basis of sh..

$14.00 $28.00

Soap Black Shungite

   The unique healing properties of shungite combined with natural plant extracts makes shungite soa..

$27.00 $54.00

Soap black shungite with dispenser

       The unique healing properties of shungite combined with natural plant extracts makes shungite..

$27.00 $54.00

Soap neutral dermatological with shungite water

      Hypoallergenic formula with natural prebiotic based on shungite water. The gel is recommended ..

$14.00 $28.00

Soap nurturing soft dermatological with shungite

                The organic frankincense (also called olibanum) and northern combined with shungite ..

$11.00 $22.00

Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream

Youth activator.Suitable as a makeup base.Facial cream "Shungite strength" against wrinkles contains..

$14.00 $28.00

Body cream balm hydration and rejuvenation

Volume 250g. With hyaluronic acid, extracts of arctic raspberry and cloudberry.It does not contain s..

$22.00 $44.00

Neutral Shungite soap Black Diamond

Volume 100g. Manufactured and packaged by hand.It does not contain sulfates, parabens, mineral oils,..

$12.00 $24.00

NEW!  Set #3 of cosmetics shampoo+mask+bath foam with shungite

3216 Shampoo for dry and colored hair special black based on shungite3244 Shungite hair ma..

$41.00 $91.00

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Shungite Cosmetics

What cosmetics it is better to use to look young and fresh in the morning? Of course not the one offered by the mass market, as it is all stuffed with synthetic dyes, preservatives, and there is nothing natural in it. Shungite cosmetics - is a completely new level of cosmetics, as the approach to its manufacturing is fundamentally different from those generally accepted.

Effects of shungite on the body

This mineral has mountain origin and is truly unique; there are practically no analogues in the world. It should be noted not it features not only protective, but also therapeutic and prophylactic qualities, noted by hundreds of grateful customers.

Using cosmetics based on shungite helps to:

  • Normalize the skin condition;
  • Strengthen the protective properties of the epidermis, accelerate the healing of wounds and scars;
  • Reduce painful sensations at diseases of a backbone or radiculitis;
  • Restore the intensity of blood flow;
  • Cleanse the skin of toxins;
  • Heal allergic skin, eczema, and other dermatological diseases.

Its powerful bactericidal properties make it possible to effectively cure musculoskeletal diseases, shungite is able to heal the body of any person after just a few uses.

Natural shungite powder, used in the process of making cosmetics, does not cause allergic reactions, so even customers with very sensitive skin can safely use it. Shungite cosmetic products are free of fragrances, chemical additives, and stabilizers - they are all completely natural.

Types of shungite cosmetics

In the range you can meet different types of cosmetics based on natural shungite:

  • Hand care - day and night hand creams, silky serums, products for very dry and weather-beaten hand skin;
  • Foot care - products that help to cope with deep cracks on the heels, chronic fungus, relieve fatigue and swelling;
  • Complex products to improve the condition of the the joints, restore of the intensity of venous blood flow, promote rapid healing of abrasions and scratches in children and adults, creams with bee venom and shungite for spine problems treatment;
  • Products for intensive hair care - shampoos for frequent use, restoring hair follicles, firming masks and balms for dry, colored, normal and oily hair;
  • Washing gels with cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, and rejuvenating properties on the basis of shungite, body sprays, tightening the skin.

Shungite cosmetics are full of valuable vitamins and microelements - its daily use provides visible results in a week.

How to choose the right product

If you are in doubt about the choice of a cosmetic product, please contact our consultants directly - they will help to choose the ideal variant for daily use. Your skin and hair will change during the first few days, because they will not be affected by synthetic additives and preservatives found in conventional cosmetics.

Shungite cosmetics are suitable for people of any age - you can start using it right now. All details regarding payment and delivery of the goods we discuss individually with the client, there is an opportunity to place a wholesale order at a more affordable price.