ClickCease Shungite Cubes

Shungite Cubes

Unpolished  shungite Cube with quartz and pyrite 30x30mm, from Karelia only!

Cubes How often do you have headaches? Do you feel sudden loss of strength and mood swings? If yo..

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Shungite Cubes

Shungite cube attracts everything what is connected with money and it brings prosperity and success. For entrepreneurs. - Attracts successful partners, beneficial orders and big sales. As for personal influence, shungite cube makes personal relations inside your family stronger, cube's energy works for family prosperity and well-being. Cube is recommended to be placed on your desktop in front of the computer, near the phone, or in the car. It depends on how and where you earn your money. Shungite cube and its properties:

1. Protection from electromagnetic radiation
2. Improvement of material well-being
3. Facilitates the learning process and helps your memory to work faster.
4. Keep your cube in the car. It helps to prevent a disaster on the way while driving)
5. Enhance a relations between people and general wealthfare in the house and office. Make a present of shungite to each other and make your life better.