ClickCease Shungite Mineral Inorganic Black Pigment 800gr (1.8lb)
  • Shungite Mineral Inorganic Black Pigment 800gr (1.8lb)


Mineral Inorganic Black Pigment of Shungite

       Zazhoginsky shungite is a unique natural phenomenon. Due to its unusual composition, structure and properties, it is used for a variety of purposes – in metallurgy, water treatment, medicine, chemical industry, and construction.

       Shungite-bearing rocks contain carbon. 30% of shungite is globular metastable shungite carbon and 70% is finely dispersed silicate particles.

       X-ray shows that shungite carbon is a non-crystalline form of carbon with a graphite-like structure. At the same time, shungite lacks structured graphite pattern. Compared to a graphite monolayer, the cellular pattern of shungite is defective, highly deformed, and is characterized by an increased interatomic spacing.

       Despite the fact that there are no chemical bonds between carbon and SiO2 in shungite, they are not broken during powdering and remain two interpenetrating structures.


What are the properties of shungite powders?

         Finely dispersed shungite powders have abnormal thermal conductivity, thermal capacity, electroconductivity, and diamagnetic properties with the effect of wave absorption.

        Shungite powder (1-20 microns) is a non-dustforming, environmentally safe black powder with no additives.



1. Carbon content – no less than 20%

2. Density – 300-400 g/dm3

3. Ash content, % – no more than 75%

4. Particle size – 1-20 microns

5. Mohs hardness – 3

6. Pigment – mineral

7. Color – black

 Practical application of shungite powder

Shungite black pigment. Mineral Inorganic Black Pigment

        Currently, shungite is successfully used as a mineral filler in tire production and manufacturing of industrial rubber products as well as specialty products with electroconductive and antistatic properties.

        Shungite powder is used as a filler and pigment in paint, polypropylene and plastic production, including specialty products to give composite materials electroconductive, fireproof, nonstick and antistatic properties.

        Finely dispersed shungite is used as a concrete and brick colorant in construction

1. Shungite powder can be used in all types of construction works.

2. As a filler, it is used to produce heat-insulated floors, walls and other surfaces.

3. It is used as a black pigment for construction materials (concrete, mortars, slabs).

4. Shungite powders can be used to produce fireproof walls and materials.

5. It can be used as a floor insulation to shield from electromagnetic radiation.

6. Shungite powder can be used in antifungal caulks.


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Shungite Mineral Inorganic Black Pigment 800gr (1.8lb)

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