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Human Protection From EMF

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EMF is virtually everywhere. Many people believe that EMF is generated only in electrical grids.That is so farEMI from the truth. EMF follows us everywhere: at home, at work, on the streets. Apart from electrical systems,nearly all household appliances, including various electronic devices - such as television and radio equipment, cell phones, gadgets and a great variety of other electrical appliances- emit electromagnetic radiation as well.

Even on the streets, seemingly free of EMF, the sources of such radiation include electrified transport systems, power networks and street light networks, etc. Let us take a look at the impact of certain sources of EMF on the human body.

Sources Of Electromagnetic Radiation

As a starting point, let us specify the maximum permissible dose of radiation; it amounts to 0.2 μT. Then, let us take note of the average level of EMF from various electrical appliances and devicesthat people come across in everyday life.

Computers have become an integral part of the home of every family. Nine out of ten households have a computer or any other computer equipment such as laptop, tablet, etc. This miracle of technology can be a source of EMF at the level of up to 100 μT. It is easy to count that a person being in a close proximity to a computeris exposed to the EMF that exceeds the limit value by 500 times.

A microwave oven generates EMF at nearly the same level. A mere table lamp is a source of the EMF that exceeds the limit value by 4-5 times. In this case, the source is the cord, which carries electricity to the lamp.

The adverse effects of cell phones, other gadgets and electronic devices should be mentioned as well. EMF from such devices reaches the level of 50 μT, which is 250 times as high as the permissible level.


Electrified transport systems are among the most powerful sources of EMF. Travelling by tram or electromobile is accompanied by the EMF exposure of 150-200 μT. Moreover, the level of EMF in the subway is considerably higher and amounts to 300 μT.

Even on vacation when all the sources of EMF seem to be far away, people are still exposed to radiation. In such a case, the source of radiation is high-voltage power lines, which are everywhere in the surrounding area.

All the appliances and devices supplied with power from electric power systems are to a certain extent sources of EMF. It looks like a person enjoying modern life conditions is practically always exposed to EMF. Therefore, nowadaysthe issue of human protection against this type of radiation is highly topical. Let us discuss the main measures to reduce the negative impact of EMF on the human body.

Methods of protection against electromagnetic radiation

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself against the damaging impact of EMF is to apply special materials that contain shungite absorbing EMF or reflecting materials like a metallic net and a mirror that make it possible to neutralize such radiation and minimize its harmful effects on the human body. The underlying principle of the use of such materials is grounded on radiation shielding, which contributes to the reduction in negative effects of unwanted electromagnetic waves on the human body.


Another most effective way to protect yourself from harmful EMF is to minimize the time spent in the radiation area. This is particularly important for the staff of electric power plants, where the level of EMF is the highest.

Let us take the staff of a high-voltage distribution substation as an example. The level of EMF is very high in both outdoor and indoor switchgears. Electrical grids with voltage of 110kv and above generate EMF at such a high level that its negative effects on the human body become profound.

Put shungite pyramids, spheres and cubes near sources of EMF

Early symptomssuch as headache, fatigue, irritability, despondency appear almost immediately. In such cases, staying without special protective arrangements (shielding devices) is not allowed.

Staying away from a high-voltage equipment, for example, in the substation control house, the maintenance staff is exposed to EMF at lower, though still greatly exceeding the prescribed limit, levels. This can be explained by the fact that the substation control house has a great number of sources of EMF: computer facilities, relay protection and automation systems of station equipment, distribution low-voltage switchboards, etc.

In such conditions, it is recommended to take a break and leave the building whenever possible, thereby reducing the time of EMF exposure. In addition, it would be good to use the abovementioned materials, which make it possible to minimize the negative impact of EMF on the human body.

It is also noteworthy that the extent to which the human body is affected by EMF directly depends not only on the time spent in the radiation area but also on the distance of the recipient from the source. In other words, when using any electrical appliance or device, you should increase your distance from the source whenever possible.

For example, while you are working on the computer, you should keep a distance of not less than 30 cm between your head and the monitor. The same applies to TV sets and various gadgets.

While you are talking on your cell phone, you should use the speakerphone mode or a wired headset. If the cell phone is not being used at the moment, it is better to put it on a table rather than keep it in your pocket.

The user manuals for electrical appliances generally include safety measures, specifically the safe distance from the given appliance so that the radiation level is the lowest. If such information is not provided, it is better to find out the recommended distance for your own safety. It can be found from the freely available internet resources.

It is a commonplace both at home and work that some of the plugged in appliances are not in use. Among such appliances are cell phone chargers, audio- and video-equipment, TV-sets, etc. Turning off these appliances enables a significant reduction in the amount of EMF and consequently in its negative effects. Furthermore, turning off electrical appliances results in areduced electricity consumption.

As already mentioned, high-voltage power lines are a source of EMF, and the level of such radiation is quite high with a positive correlation between voltage and radiation strength. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid staying or limit as much as possible the time spent in the electromagnetic field of power lines.


Within the supervised zone of power lines, the level of EMF significantly exceeds the limit values. Therefore, it is not recommended to construct residential buildings and various other buildings in such an area. If you are keen on gardening, you should give up the allotment along which there is a power line. Gardening generally requires spending a lot of time on the allotment, which, in this case, is fraught with continuous excessive exposure to the EMF from power lines.

We offer protective materials such as spheres, cubes, pendants, and necklaces, as well as shungite-based building mixtures for constructing shungite rooms, which absorb significantly EMF.

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