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Monday, 05 October 2015 14:51

Methods to Protect Yourself Against Electromagnetic Radiation

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EMR protection with shungite

Methods to Protect Yourself Against Electromagnetic Radiation

     Each year they publish new surveys about the danger of the electromagnetic pollution of the environment, and more proof is being found.

Now it is a proven fact that electromagnetic fields may have and are having a negative effect on your health.

If you are still skeptical about it, please read this article (Effect of EMR on Human Health).

Forewarned is forearmed. If you are aware of the risks associated with EMR and protection strategies, you can make informed choices to better protect your health and the health of your family.

If you are unable to abide by all of the recommendations provided below, at least do what you can do.

The more you are able to do to protect yourself and your family against EMR, the better.


General safety rule #1 to protect yourself against EMR

                Reduce your exposure to EMR by increasing the distance from the source of EMR. This rule is the most important and often the easiest to follow to protect yourself against EMR. The distance to be increased from the source of EMR depends on its strength. For instance, to decrease the strength of a field, you may need to increase the distance:

•             25 m from power lines and cell towers;

•             30 cm from your PC screen;

•             5 cm from the electric clock near your pillow;

•             2.5 cm from your cell phone.

                Many people do understand that they can improve their EMR safety by staying at least 100 m away from power lines or cell towers, however few people know that they can further improve their safety in their everyday life by putting their computers on the floor or moving their TV sets farther from themselves and their children.

                To understand which distance is safe for different devices, study this document. Note that your devices’ ERM may differ greatly from the data provided in the list. If you can, use a flux meter.


General safety rule #2 to protect yourself against EMR

If you are unable to avoid EMR, minimize your exposure to it.

                Many people are used to having their office equipment continuously on, walking by and talking to colleagues near office printers and copy machines, or standing next to a microwave oven while their lunch is being re-heated. In this case, and in many other cases, follow Rule #2 to protect your health.


General safety rule #3 to protect yourself against EMR

                Turn off all your electric appliances and do not turn them on unless you actually need to use them. EMR is emitted by devices people negligently leave on, such as battery, cell phone or laptop chargers, as well as computers in a sleeping mode and printers. Turning off your electric appliances is good for the health of our planet and for your wallet.

                Also, you need to be aware of and remember about all sources of EMR located in your home or workplace. Given people’s attitude towards ERM in general, this may sound strange, however this is the only responsible approach of a mature and well-informed person to EMR.E xamine all sources of EMR in your home. Pay attention to the location of your home. If the distance between your home and the nearest power lines exceeds 400 meters, they will barely have any serious effect on your health. If this distance is less than 400 meters, use a flux meter.

Local power lines (supplying power to your home) may also emit EMR.

                Pay attention to the distance from your home to transformer buildings or technical substations. The EMR emitted by local substations may spread up to 5-10 meters. Do not allow your children to play within this range.

                The recommended distance to cell towers is 400 meters. This distance is enough to ensure your safety and protect you against the EMR emitted by cell towers. While studying the area, pay attention to the distance to TV and radio antennas as their radiation may be more powerful than that emitted by cell towers.  Several studies have linked increased cancer and leukemia rates to proximity to TV antennas, especially if they are big and powerful. Thus, TV antennas tend to increase cancer rates if located within a range of 3-5 kilometers.


Protect your home against EMR

                In your home (apartment), ERM is emitted by the house wiring and all electric appliances. House wiring is a major source of EMR. Unfortunately, people tend to disregard this fact. There are companies testing homes for the presence of EMR.


Protection against EMR emitted by household appliances

                Some of the most popular household appliances have very high EMR levels. Maximize the distance and reduce the exposure to these appliances. If you have been using some device very often or for too long, try to find an alternative solution with lower EMR levels (for example, a laptop or cell phone). For instance, hood dryers have high EMR levels. However, if you use one for just one minute a day, it will barely have any serious health effects on you. At the same time, if you are a hairdresser having to work with a hood dryer for about 60 minutes daily, you may want to consider buying a hair dryer with lower EMR levels. This is also true for sewing machines. 


Electric devices in your bedroom. Protection against EMR in a bedroom

                Try to identify your exposure to EMR. Pay special attention to electric appliances and devices that you use most of all. Start with your bedroom because this is where you spend around 8 hours every day, meaning even low EMR levels in your bedroom may affect your health. Turn off your electric blanket if you do not use it or set it to a minimum temperature. Keep electric clocks/radio set as far away from a sleeping person as possible, preferably 60 cm away or more for network devices. Even battery-powered clocks and radio sets with a timer should not be kept near your head.

                Pay attention to where your home is connected to power supply as well as the location of the main distribution board. If it is located in your bedroom, make sure the bed is at least 1.5 meters away from it. EMR penetrates walls so do not forget about what is on the other side. Protect your walls, floors and ceilings with special shungite plaster absorbing electromagnetic and wifi radiation.


Protection against EMR emitted by cell phones

                Cell phones are becoming the world’s main source of biological danger, a weapon as destructive as smoking. To reduce their negative impact, use alternative means of communication (land lines) whenever possible. Do not use cell phones for long conversations and consider the people you talk to – do not keep them on the phone for longer than needed. Use hands-free kits or speakerphones.

                Even though we may not notice it, there are plenty of situations when their use is more convenient. Do not let children use cell phones because their developing brains are especially vulnerable to the EMR emitted by cell phones and their skull bones are thinner. Experts recommend that children under 10 do not use cell phones at all. Older children also need to follow strict guidelines regarding cell phone use.

                Use shungite cell phone plates to absorb harmful radiation.

Shungite cell phone plate


Protection against EMR in your workplace

                If you spend a lot of time in an office or in an industrial facility, make sure you keep distance of at least 1.5 meters from all electric appliances, such as heaters and air conditioners, file servers or printers. Keep the same distance from neon lamps or nodes.

                If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, keep it as far away from you as possible (especially from your head) if the cables allow. If possible, use LCD monitors instead of ray-tube monitors. Stay as far away from it as possible too, if the cables allow.

                If you have uninterrupted power systems, remember that their EMR is more powerful than that of any computer. Make sure these devices are located at least 1.5 meters away from you and other people.

                If you spend a lot of hours in this kind of environment, put some effort into optimizing your living space.

                Try to avoid spending time or working in places where wifi, modems or radio phones are used. Do not get tricked by their alleged “safety”. Radio and microwave radiation is even more dangerous than low frequency radiation.

                Put shungite pyramids, spheres and cubes near sources of EMR.


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