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Wednesday, 12 August 2015 12:21

Carbonated natural mineral

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Natural carbon mineral (shungite), is one of the minerals of " NUEVA ERA” (“New Age") collection, which is approximately 2 billion years old making this stone one of those oldest minerals.

It is also known for being the only mineral on the face of the earth that has fullerenes. Their physical and quantum properties are of high benefits for all living organisms.

Holding shungite in our hands is like having a sponge which selects certain energies in us. Your energetic field becomes activated only according to the needs of your organism. They act as living beings, as if endowed with a clever way to chose what needs to be activated. It also appears that it transmutes everything on the plane of life through adsorption phenomena ( No absorption).

                It can be called a real quantum center which catalyzes, filters and restores what would be near it both physically and at a vibrational level.

                The role of shungite is to imply our own cellular intelligence so making us the ones who heal us> it is not like any kind of drug and its effect cannot be duplicated. What it does is reprogramming of our body cells contributing to their balance and autonomy.

                This mineral is very durable working forever and doesn’t need any cleaning.

It is only be recommended to be put at the sun from time to time to acquire extra natural energy .


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