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Monday, 12 October 2015 16:31

Options of materials used for creation of shungite rooms

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           shungite room

          The first option is sawn (solid) tiles made of natural shungite. 10х10х1 cm and 10х15х1 cm tiles are normally used for walls and 2 cm thick tiles - for floor. They can be polished and have black color. Or they can be just ground with dark grey cast of shungite. The tiles are laid as any tiles of natural stone. The only disadvantage of such a room is the cost of square meter. It costs about $700.

          The second option is to use special construction mix based on shungite. The mix consists of shungite and magnesite, the hydrator (hardener) is the bischofite solution. The mix is electrically conductive and has good strength characteristics. It is convenient in use. It can be filled into any forms for production of artificial stone. That is why designer solutions with the use of shungite construction mix are diverse. Moreover the main thing is that the cost of such a mix is much lower than the cost of shungite sawn (solid) products. That enables making it affordable. 14 kg of the mix is needed per square meter provided that a layer is 10 mm. The recommended minimum of plaster layer is 30 mm which means minimum 42 kg is necessary per 1 square meter. The cost of 1 kg is about $1.25 (the price depends on the total order quantity). Thus, the cost of 1 square meter is about $52.5. Taken into consideration the fact that in average, the shungite room area is 20 sq. m. the wall area is 45 sq. m. if the ceiling height is 2.5 m. Total floor and ceiling area is 40 sq. m. Summing everything up, we need to cover the area of 85 sq.m. The minimum recommended layer is 30 mm., the maximum one is 50 mm. 3570 kg of shungite mix is needed to make a room with shungite layer of 30 mm. 5950 kg. of shungite is needed for making a room of  50 mm shungite layer.

            Is it possible to cover shungite plastering with wall-papers? Using this construction material you are able to create any design in the room.  Unless there is a necessity to demonstrate the very shungite in your design you can hide the it underneath standard floor coatings (parquet, linoleum, laminate flooring) or wallpapers.


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