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Friday, 04 December 2015 11:13

Protecting Yourself Against Electromagnetic Radiation From Home Appliances

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Electromagnetic radiation may have negative health effects only if it is strong enough, as well as in case of long-term exposure.

Let us find out which home appliances emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

These include:

–No-frost refrigerators;
– TV sets (CRT TVs; does not apply to LCD TVs);
– Computer monitors (CRT monitors; does not apply to LCD monitors);

– Microwave ovens;
– Heaters;
– Some underfloor heating systems;
– Some alarm systems;
– Battery chargers, voltage stabilizers, etc.

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Protecting Yourself Against Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation

In fact, protecting yourself against electromagnetic radiation from home appliances is rather easy:

– The minimum distance between your home appliances and your chair, bed, dining table, etc. should not be less than 1.2 to 2 meters. For example, you should not sleep with your TV set on or have dinner with your back against your no-frost refrigerator.

– If there are any electric service panels, thick cables, etc. inside or near your apartment, make sure your sleeping place is located 2.5 to 3 meters away from them. Have a professional measure the distance if needed. For example, if you live in Moscow or Moscow Oblast’, you may contact a specialized organization.

– If you need to install an underfloor heating system, select one emitting lower levels of electromagnetic radiation, especially if you have childrenwho like playing on the floor.

– To protect your home against electromagnetic radiation, apply shielding materials to the walls, such as shungite-based construction mixes.

– To neutralize specific sources of electromagnetic radiation (computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators), put a shungite pyramid, sphere or a cube next to them, and this will reduce the negative health effects due to electromagnetic radiation.

– For personal protection while at work or outside, use shungite bracelets, pendants or key chains. They can neutralize the negative effect of electromagnetic waves as well.

–To protect yourself against electromagnetic radiation from devices that you always have on you, apply special radiation protection plates to them.

Speaking of the microwave ovens…

Electromagnetic Field of a Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens heat food by exposing it to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Modern microwave ovens are equipped with electromagnetic radiation protection. Even though it does not provide full protection against electromagnetic radiation, it does not pose serious health risks because people normally use their microwave ovens only once in a while.

To further reduce the electromagnetic radiation from your microwave oven, do not come closer than 1.5 meters to it while it is on or put one of the abovementioned shungite objects next to it.

If you work, for instance, at a restaurant and have to use a microwave oven a lot throughout the day, make sure the distance between you and the microwave oven is not less than 1.5 meters while it is on..

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How to Buy a Microwave Oven Emitting Lower Levels of Electromagnetic Radiation?

To begin with, do not try to buy the most powerful microwave oven. The less powerful it is, the better.

Secondly, make sure its door closes tightly.

Lastly, ask the seller for a conformance or health certificate stating that the oven complies with sanitary norms СН № 2666-83. However, this still does not guarantee its safety.

Protecting Yourself Against Electromagnetic Leaks From Your Microwave Oven

The lifespan of the electromagnetic “leakage” protection used in microwave ovens is several years. After a while, there may appear some cracks on the door sealing and it will no longer be able to provide the required electromagnetic radiation protection. To maximize the lifespan of your oven’s electromagnetic “leakage” protection, close the door carefully and remove dirt as needed. After 5 years of use, have a specialist measure the electromagnetic radiation from your microwave oven and, just in case, put a shungite pyramid or cube next to it.

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