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Thursday, 03 December 2015 14:28

Protection from Cell Phone Radiation: Reality or Deception?

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Hello, dear friends! Please count how many house hold appliances and electrical devices you have at home. I have counted over 20 items. And you cannot do without them: fridges, microwave ovens, washing machines, computers, tablets; our life has become closely intertwined with these appliances. Try throwing away any of them and you will feel emptiness, as if you got deprived of something most precious in your life.

Naturally, each of these appliances generates an electromagnetic field, which exerts a direct influence on us. In case of overlapping electromagnetic waves, the effects becomestronger. Where do you think fatigue and tiredness come from? Electrical devices are partly to blame for such a situation.



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How to protect yourself against electromagnetic radiation? If you start looking for an answer to this question, you will come across SHUNGITE. Whatisit?

Shungite is a unique mineral, which is found in Karelia. It primarily consists of carbon but also contains many other chemical elements. Shungite is credited with healing properties, among which are the following:

  • treatment of various diseases,
  • immune system enhancement,
  • air purification,
  • water purification,
  • neutralization of electromagnetic radiation.

Within the scope of this article, I will discuss only the last-mentioned property of shungite or, more specifically, the impact of this mineral on the harmful radiation from cell phones. This issue is both controversial and interesting; therefore, I would suggest that you settle comfortably into your armchair and get ready to draw your own conclusions from this article.

I have already written about cell phone radiation and its impact on humans.

Let me repeat myself: cell phones emit the strongest radiation while they are receiving/transmitting a call and while you are talking. In all other cases, the detrimental influence of your phone is so negligible that it does not make sense to take the trouble to care about it.

However, there are those who take advantage of other people’s fears. I mean those people who produce and sell protective SHUNGITE CELL PHONE PLATES. Such plates are allegedly 70 % (according to other sources, 99%) effective in protecting people against electromagnetic radiation from cell phones! Where do the percentages come from? There is no clear answer to this question. It is possible to talk about any exact percentages only under certain circumstances: the distance from a phone and the strength of signal must be known, among other factors.

  However, the idea imposed on us is that such plates will definitely protect us against harmful radiation, restore our energy biofields and strengthen our immune systems. Is that indeed true?

Shungite cell phone plate

I am not going to refute arguments for shungite’s beneficial properties because, in my view, this mineral does have healing qualities. Furthermore, it is quite probable that shungitecan neutralize electromagnetic radiation if certain conditions are met.

For instance, shungite rooms where the walls are either made of shungite blocks or covered with shungite plaster. Such a great amount of natural material is quite likely to shield against electromagnetic waves. Indeed, peoplestaying in such rooms began to feel better. Apart from that, the method of treatment, which is gaining in popularity in many wellness centers and health resorts, is the one with the use of shungite rooms.

Let us get back to the protective plates. How can such a small thing neutralize powerful cell phone radiation?

It is logical to assume that the plate cannot block radiation unless it is positioned between you and your phone. When the phone is one meter away from you and plates are attached to all the sides, I can agree that the radiation is being blocked. However, in such a case, any cell phone in the standby mode, even those withoutplates, do not put you in any danger.

How can a mereplate on your phone protect you while you are talking? The answer can be given if more details about shungite are taken into consideration. Shungite does not shield (reflect) harmful electromagnetic radiation but absorbs it from the surrounding area.

Shungite cell phone plates bring the density of energy biofield to its normal level, using the radiant energy given off by a cell phone, and compensate thus for adverse effects of the radio waves emitted constantly due to communication with cell phone towers, even when there is no incoming call. The effectivity of electromagnetic field absorption varies from 50 to 99.7% These findings are the result of tests carried out by JSC “Central Design Bureau of Special Radio Materials”

Shungite is a unique healing stone. Protective shungite plates for cell phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices give a real opportunity to reduce our body’s exposure to harmful radiation. Besides, it is possible to protect yourself from cell phone radiation by means of handsfree devices. However, it is necessary to take into consideration that wireless headsetsalso emit electromagnetic radiation.

I am willing to listen to your opinion about the topic touched upon in this article. This issue is relevant for all of us, and therefore any opinions, objections, and comments are welcome.

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