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Tuesday, 21 April 2015 21:03

Recommendation on the Use of Shungite and Alive (alkaline) Water to cure Prostate adenoma

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Prostate adenoma treatment with shungite water


            One cycle of treatment lasts eight days. Drink half a glass of alive (alkaline) water four times a day (one hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner, and before going to bed). If your blood pressure is stable, the dose may be increased up to one glass. Keep your sexual routine. One hour to an hour and a half after drinking alive (alkaline) water, drink half a glass of shungite water, lie down and have some rest for a while without increasing your dose of alive (alkaline) water if alive (alkaline) water causes high blood pressure or if you suffer from high blood pressure. Repeat if necessary. If your blood pressure is staying within normal parameters, continue an uninterrupted treatment plan. For better results, massage your perineal area once in a while. Before going to bed, rub the area with shungite water and apply a compress with alive (alkaline) water.

Enemas with warn alive (alkaline) water, as well as rectal gauze tampons, will facilitate recovery. The recommended enema volume is 200 g; exposure time is 20 min. A cleansing enema needs to be given first.

 Results & Notes

             The urge to urinate decreases and swelling subsides in 4 to 6 days. Black or red particles may be found in urine and you may feel pain while urinating. The treatment can make you feel worse and lose your appetite, while digestive problems may occur; however it has been proven rather effective. It cures adenoma in senior patients helping them avoid surgery. Most patients notice a significant improvement.

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