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Friday, 02 October 2015 16:58

The Most Famous Places in Russia Where There are Shungite Rooms

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The most famous places in Russia where there are shungite rooms.

1. Kremlin. Unofficially, in the Kremlin of Moscow there was created a shungite room for the purpose of information protection. For obvious reasons, the details of application are not disclosed.


2. The famous Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg. Date of foundation is 28.12.1798. A shungit chamber is established on the basis of its hospital. Also, the scientists were actively studying advanced treatment of drinking water using shungite. Click here for more information.

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3. "Belyiekluchi" sanatorium in Petrozavodsk. Since 2001 the treatment methods using mineral preparations of shungite have been introduced in the health resort. Also there in the health resort a shungite room is created. Read more here.



4. Shungite chamber in Beslan. After the terrible terrorist attack which took place on 01.09.2004 in a Beslan school. A shungite room has been established with a charitable purpose and for the psychological rehabilitation of injured children.




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