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Thursday, 23 April 2015 15:19

The story of one of our customers

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         I have a Story to tell Everyone about this Amazing Mineral and Store Owners .. 16 years ago I was run over in My Car by a Tractor and Trailer on My Way home from work , the tires of both run over the drivers side of My little red sports car , I thought I was dead.. By rights I should have, I was spun into 6 lanes of traffic and bounced from 6 different cars, one of which exploded into flames, the Tractor Trailer didn't stop but he was caught eventually .. After 3 years of Physical Therapy and Every kind of Pain Medicine Made, I had to give in to the Reality that I was Broken and the Pain would never leave , I Was using pain meds that are 400 times stronger than Heroin, BUT it's legal , I had to stop working and Lots a huge part of My Life that day , No more running and playing with My Daughter or Dancing or even Walks in the park, I spent 99% of My time in bed because it hurt to Move.. Fast forward Thousand of Pain Pills and Pain Patches to just several weeks ago when I happened upon a Article written by a woman that I follow on Facebook and Admire her work and her Amazing Knowledge and research into Crystals and Stones .. She gave it raving reviews as a Powerhouse of a Mineral and I absolutely trust in her Knowledge of Everything she Tests and Sells .. I contacted this Store , This one I am posting on and got a reply from a Very Receptive Man named Maksim, We talked back and forth about the products I might like to try for my Back and for My Health in General and the Abilities the Mineral May have on My Chronic Pain, I got a few Items, The Back Pad and Some Nobel Stones to try out, After Much anticipation and some mishaps with the mail , I finally got My Back Pad, I couldn't get it out of the box fast enough to put it on .. Now , I want everyone to Know these are My OWN WORDS AND RESULTS and I am not receiving any kind of compensation for saying what I am about to tell you... I put the back pad on and it felt like lightening was Very softly running up and down My Spine .. It was Absolutely the most Glorious Feeling I have had to Date with all the Pain Meds, Crystals, Therapy, Shots in My Spine, None of these Touched My pain like this shungite - healing mineral Did ... I was In total Amazement and Comfort and Today is day 4 of wearing the Back Pad and Tucked a Few Small pieces into My Bra, Its a great holder for Crystals of all kinds that need to touch the skin.. As of today I am NOT wearing a Pain Patch, I have worn one everyday for over 5 years, I am NOT taking My Opiate Pain Meds or My Muscle Relaxers, NOT EVEN ONE PILL FOR 4 DAYS NOW !!! FOR ME this is the Most Amazing Mineral On Gods Green Earth ... It has allowed Me to Sleep without Sleeping Pills, it has allowed Me to Walk and Even Pick Up My Grandbabies to hug and Kiss them , I can Stand and Do the DIshes and Make My Own Food too .. These are all things I thought I had Lost Forever.. Shungite HAS Changed My Life 100% , I am using the Stones in Drinking Water Also and I guess I never had Real Pure Water Before , But It has such a soothing Effect on my entire body, I will Never go back to Pharmaceuticals Again , I had been looking for something natural to take the place of all the narcotics I was taking and I HAVE FOUND IT ... I Owe a Lifetime of Thanks to Shungite and Maksim for Allowing me to try this product ... If you live in Chronic Pain , I Strongly Suggest You to At Least Try this Miracle Mineral and see if it does for you what it Is doing for Me ... As an added bonus, My Daughter was in a Accident where they were Rear Ended in a Pickup Truck by a SUV, The Lady was TEXTING and DRIVING , HUGE NO NO PEOPLE .. Anyway her Knee was jammed into the dash of the truck and has been in Terrible Pain for a few weeks, Thinking Much like I did when I was hurt, It will get better with time , Well Hers is also getting worse , She stopped by after picking up My Granddaughter from school and I had her put 2 small pieces of Shugnite in her Knee Brace as soon as she got here , She would tear up when she had to walk or use her leg for anything , By the time she left , just about an hour and a half later, She WAS able to walk Without ANY PAIN ... Tomorrow she finds out if she is to have surgery or not , In the Meantime, She Can Walk and take care of the babies without being reduced to tears ... I have never Tested a Product and felt like I wanted to share the results before because there just wasn't anything that would take My Pain Away .. Today Is the First Review I have written and My Hand to God , Shungite has Given Me Hope, Life and The Ability to Love On My Grandbabies without being out of commission for days after picking one of them up... THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH TRYING, CHRONIC PAIN IS A HORRIBLE LIFE, TODAY AFTER 16 YEARS I AM NOT IN PAIN, NONE , NOT EVEN A TINY BIT.. I Urge You to give it the opportunity to change Your Life the way it has Mine ... I Am Most Thankful to Shungite for Changing My Life and knowing that it is only going to get better from here ... Jackie L Singleton ... Illinois , USA .....

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