ClickCease Shungite Pitcher Prio Gold
  • Shungite Pitcher Prio Gold


  • Volume: 4,9 l
  • Color: white (there is also an execution in dark blue color)
  • Mechanical calendar
  • Shungite household water filter with shungite cartridge.

Water purification is one of the most serious and important problems to be solved by humanity in the XXI century. Water is the base of living. Human health, well-being and vitality depend on it. There are lots of ways of water purification, but the most efficient and advanced one is the use of shungite cartridge in a jar

What are the advantages of using shungite cartridges? Firstly, it copes effectively with unpleasant smell of tap water. Secondly, it eliminates all the organic and inorganic compounds and contaminants, including chlorine-containing ones. And finally, it is designed in such a way that all the water passes through it, without any water passing over.


Among the contaminants effectively eliminated by this filter, the serious ones such as helminth eggs, nitrites and nitrates should be made mention of. Shungite cartridge not only eliminates toxic substances from water but also energizes it. 

we recommend to change cartridge or stones regularly! You can order cartridge here.




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Shungite Pitcher Prio Gold

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