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High shungite pyramid unpolished 90x90x200mm

Base size: 9cm (3.54x3.54 inches)Height: 21 cm (8.26 ihches)Weight: 1250 gramms So, shungite pyra..

$62.00 $124.00

Set of 5 polished Shungite pyramids 50 mm

N.B. You can add your own engraving desing, for wholesale only, contact with us by email: shungitsto..

$20.00 $39.99

Unpolished high shungite pyramid with quartz 100x100mm

So, shungite pyramid is one of the most effective tools against geopathogenic radiation. Shungite py..

$135.00 $270.00

Yin & Yang Shungite pyramid polished 100 mm

PyramidsShungite pyramid is one of the most effective tools against geopathogenic radiation. Shungit..

$50.00 $100.00

Yin & Yang Shungite pyramid polished 50 mm

Shungite pyramid is one of the most effective tools against geopathogenic radiation. Shungite pyrami..

$15.40 $30.80

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Shungite Pyramids

Everywhere we feel the negative impact of the environment - geopathogenic radiation, negatively affecting our state of health and the condition of internal organs, or an inconspicuous effect of the electromagnetic field from household appliances. Shungite pyramids will help you to fight these negative effects, as it is a unique natural remedy.

Features of pyramids from shungite

Pyramids are the most popular and most often used items made of shungite, they can be installed in a living room or in the office. The main principle of their effect is the reflection or complete neutralization of geopathic radiation and electromagnetic waves. Often, even a microwave oven or computer can cause unexplained headaches or chronic fatigue, which can not be helped by any medications.

Shungite pyramids can also be used to clean inherited coins or jewelry- they often accumulate negative energy from the previous owner. Thanks to such pyramids, a person's working capacity, energy, fatigue, headaches increase significantly, it becomes much easier to wake up in the mornings. Clients notice a significant decrease in nervousness, family relations are improving, irritability disappears.

The universal shape of the pyramid is ideal for shungite products, as it creates a powerful torsion field around, which protects against geopathic rays. Even one figure will be enough to protect a large room.

Specific effects of shungite pyramids

Since the shungite itself actively influences a person, relieving pain, diseases of internal organs and allergies, the pyramid from this material is an excellent tool for therapy. Thanks to the powerful biofield created, it helps to protect the owner 24/7. How does it work?

  • Sleep is normalized, you need less time to fully restore your energy;
  • The mind and spirit is completely balanced;
  • Rheumatic and vertebral pains are released;
  • The mental and emotional state is improved.

To get a more powerful and long-lasting effect, shungite pyramids can be used for massage. It is desirable to use carefully polished products to prevent accidentally injures of the skin.

It is best to place the pyramids in the places where you most often spend your time: in the kitchen, at the workplace, at the head of the bed - so the effect of its impact is more noticeable.

Recommendations for use

Shungite pyramids are placed according to clear rules: their faces should be oriented to the sides of the world, for a more accurate installation you should use a compass. It is better to place them in close proximity to devices that generate intense electromagnetic radiation. Shungite pyramids work best when located slightly lower than the source of harmful radiation.

An excellent solution is to use a shungite pyramid in the car - as driving requires special concentration and calmness, shungite significantly reduces the risk of getting into an emergency situation, increases concentration.

It is better to choose the pyramid model based on the desired radius of its impact. The larger is the area of ​​the room - the larger the pyramid should be. For a children's room or for your desktop, you can choose a smaller option. If you have any questions, please contact our managers - the phone numbers can be found on our website.