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Shungite Tiles & Brick

Shungite Tile unpolished 10x6x1 cm

Shungite tiles If you are an adept of using exceptionally natural materials in the construction and..

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Shungite Tile unpolished 20x20x2 cm

Price is indicated for 10 square meters (excluding shipping costs). Minimal order is 10 square meter..

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Tile unpolished tulikivi 9x9 cm

Talkohlorit - stone, known to people thousands of years. In India, ancient Egypt, this natural mater..

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Tile with personal engraving

Very nice and useful business gifts or unique design idea. We offer to create a personal engraving o..


Unpolished tile Hexagon

Dimentions: Size 10 cmThikness 2 cm Shungite tilesIf you are an adept of using except..

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Shungite Tiles & Brick

The powerful properties of shungite as a sorbing material are commonly used in medicine. However, this natural mineral also possesses other qualities that have a great value for the production of construction materials. One of the characteristics of the stone is a high degree of thermal conductivity, so many manufacturers use this natural material for making shungite tiles and bricks.

Shungite in the production of building materials

Shungite can be used for the production of the following types of construction materials:

  • сoncrete, bricks, plaster, various masonry mixtures, gypsum mixtures;
  • electrically conductive plaster;
  • electrically conductive paints;
  • heated floor coverings;
  • asphalt with the properties of electrical conductivity;
  • as a black pigment for paints on any basis;
  • as a black pigment for silicate brick, plaster, and masonry mortars;
  • as a filler for concrete with the properties of electrical conductivity;
  • as the main component of electrically conductive silicate bricks.

This mineral is commonly used for the production of ceramic tiles, the back side of which is covered with shungite paint. The walls made of such shungite tiles resemble an isolated "electric furnace".

In the production of building materials, the unique properties of the electrical conductivity of shungite, which do not affect the natural magnetic field of the Earth, are of exceptional importance. Therefore, this natural mineral is used for the construction of facilities where the protection of confidential information is required. Thus, the use of shungite bricks or tiles can protect safes in banks or public institutions, localizing possible leaks of secret information. Due to its unique characteristics, the natural stone becomes a kind of protective screen that reflects the waves of any radars and spy devices. Even in ordinary rooms, you can get a shielding effect by simply plastering surfaces or by using special shungite plates. Such method of using the material has gained popularity in large corporations, where office spaces accommodate a huge number of computers.

Shungite is widely used in the manufacture of modern heated floors. Moreover, to make the floor coating warm, you just need to cover it with shungite paint and connect the wiring to the painted surface. In addition, such material consumes a minimum amount of electricity. The shungite paint has the ability to conduct heat and electricity, is environmentally friendly and not fire-prone

Shungite tiles and bricks in the production of environmentally friendly materials

If you use shungite walls during construction, no electromagnetic radiation will affect the people in the building. In fact, that's why shungite tiles and bricks are very often used for the construction of environmentally friendly premises.

It is also worth noting the high consumer qualities of shungite asphalt. Such a coating can prevent the effect of freezing roads or sidewalks. If you use shungite during the production of plastic tubes, they will have electrostatic qualities.

Excellent sorbent properties of the mineral can be used in the operation of car washes or for the filtration of waste water. Shungite perfectly absorbs a variety of contaminants that can be contained in water. In addition, shungite can be used as a filtering element about ten times, because the stone has the ability to self-regenerate. Thus, shungite can be used for the construction of reservoirs for sewage treatment plants.

Shungite tiles can be used as a covering of sidewalks and squares, as well as for decoration of pool walls, ponds, and building facades.