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Whiskey Stones
     Shungite “Whiskey Stones” is an exclusive offer for this strong fragrant liquor connoisseurs. Real gourmets prefer drinking straight whiskey. Water, soda and cola eliminate the sense and the idea of this old aristocratic ritual. Traditional ice is not recommended for whiskey cooling as well: the melting ice cubes change the original taste and its unique aroma.
     Still you can hardly get any pleasure in drinking warm whiskey. The greatest perfection implies cooling your whiskey with natural stones. Thus, you can get an ideal temperature of 18-20°C in a heavy bottom glass.
     Unlike other minerals, shungite stones have a unique liquid structuring feature. The rich taste of high-class whiskey get much brighter and its specific flavor gets much softer. Small cubes of Karelian shungite can maintain the optimum whiskey temperature for a long time. You can sip this blistering corn-colored drink without any haste and enjoy every gulp and delicate afterglow.
Using the shungite set for whiskey cooling
• Rinse the stones in warm running water before the first use.
• Place it in the freezer for 2-3 hours.
• Put 2-3 cubes in the prepared glass before the use and pour 50 ml of whiskey.
• Rinse in running water and dry after the use.

     Shungite whiskey stones are universal: you can put them into your wine, champagne, vodka, cocktails and beer as well as into your lemonade, juice, fruit drinks and water. Smooth black cubes cool your drinks without diluting them and improve their natural taste.
     It’s also worth mentioning that shungite stones have quite an opposite application: they can be warmed in the microwave and put into hot drinks. Due to the unique thermal conductivity of this Karelian mineral, grog, punch, mulled wine, tea or coffee remain hot for quite a long time and become much more delicious.
     The stone whiskey cubes are made manually from the high quality shungite of Zazhoginskoye deposit (the Republic of Karelia, Russia). There are enough stones in one set to make several portions of drink and they have no expiry date. The presentable set can become a good business-souvenir or just a nice present for your friends.

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Shungite Whisky Stones

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