ClickCease Shungite Wrist brace
  • Shungite Wrist brace

Weight 100gr (0,22 pounds),  

width 8cm (3,14 inches),

adjustable length due to elastic band fastener.

Treatment with shungite is proved to be one of the safest and most effective methods of alternative medicine. "The Stone of Health" found a few centuries ago in Zazhoginskoye deposit in Karelia has acquired a great significance in modern physiotherapy. Shungite products allow to escape buying expensive equipment, painful manipulations, analgesics and ointments.
The Shungite Wrist brace was designed specifically for the local treatment of elbow joints diseases.


What is the purpose of the Shungite wrist brace?

The wrist brace is an effective remedy for home treatment of common joint diseases. The positive effect is observed for arthritis and arthrosis, ulnar nerve tunnel syndrome, tendons and muscle tissues inflammations.

The shungite wrist brace is recommended to relieve pains after the gym training, for regular weight loads, long-lasting monotonous arms movements, injuries at collisions and falls.
But do not forget that it's the doctor who should diagnose your disease and never neglect medical advice.


 You shouldn't wear the shungite wrist brace more than 8 hours a day. You can continue wearing it with acute joint pains. In other cases, you should divide the daily treatment manipulation into equal time intervals, alternating the therapeutic action with the treatment gaps.

The color of the product may differ from that shown on the photo.


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Shungite Wrist brace

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