ClickCease Tumbled stones of shungite schungite 1 kg 2-4 cm

Stone Tharapy What does a stone therapy using shungite pellets give? Firstly, it quickly and easily removes the pain in the legs, back, neck, and relieves muscle fatigue. In addition, it increases metabolism and helps get rid of excess of body fat. And most importantly, this is a simple procedure heals and soothes the nervous system. This results in the removal of headaches, relief from depression and relaxation of the whole body.
Here's a more detailed list of diseases for which shungite stone therapy with stones is advisable:
Diseases of joints
Diseases of the spine
Sudden Mood swings
Constipation and diarrhea
Atrophy of muscles
Usually, basalt is used in stone therapy, but absolute majority of the masters turn to working with schungite pellets when getting more experience of work with shungite. As well as basalt, the keep warmth for a long time, but they possess incomparably larger number of useful properties.
Most accurate and most effective stone massages are performed in a SPA. But this does not mean that home treatments may harm or be ineffective.
There are only 3 contraindications: pregnancy, skin diseases and diseases in which any massage is prohibited, such as bruises, broken bones, internal injuries. In general, anyone can carry out the procedure, which generally will not be worse than the one in a SPA.
The easiest and the most effective home session can be hosted in a bathroom or in a bath.
Heat the stones up to 40 degrees Celsius for 15-20 minutes. To do it, just drop them into the water, measuring the temperature with an ordinary water thermometer for children. Put aromatic oils on your skin while the stones are heating. Lavender, tangerine, chamomile, and basil oils will be the best for this therapy.

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Tumbled stones of shungite schungite 1 kg 2-4 cm

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