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Shungite. The Mineral of Health

A unique black natural mineral, shungite looks like a piece of coal. It is an intermediate product between amorphous carbon and graphite; a mineral consisting of fine-dispersed globular carbon in a crystalline phase and fullerenes, a special form of carbon. It is an adsorbent (it adsorbs substances from the environment), has bactericidal properties, is highly adhesive (adhesion is the ability of dissimilar particles or surfaces to cling to one another), and has radio screening action. Shungite contains features and compositions that are rarely found elsewhere in the mineral world. Some specialists believe that there is no other source of this stone but a meteorite or comet from the outer space that crashed on the planet a long time ago, perhaps million years back. Shungite is found in abundance on the shores of the several specific lakes in Karellia.


Shungite contains 93-98% of carbon and around 3-4% of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and water compounds. Vanadium, molybdenum, nickel, tungsten, and selenium admixtures are possible. Carbon is basically a material that is fossilized seabed from a Precambrian era.


Shungite was formerly known as “Slate Stone”


Due to its unique healing properties, shungite has been widely and successfully used in cosmetics and medicine, as well as a general energy protector in a variety of circumsdtances.
There is a large variety of treatment methods involving the use of shungite. Applying shungite as well as water made of it to the human body is widely used to treat diabetes, cardiovascular system complications, gastrointestinal tract, undesirable mental states, upper airway, liver, joint, spinal, and skin diseases. Shungite improves blood pressure, relieves insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and helps the body function at its natural best. Shungite is the only known source on the planet that contains naturally occurring fullerenes, molecules of carbon. Fullerenes act as antihistamine and antioxidant; they assist in cell regeneration and cell growth. They help achieving healthy balance among all systems in the human body. What is more, they help fighting cancerous processes, as they slow down cancer tumors growth.
Shungite water is extensively used to treat allergies, anemia, bronchial asthma, gastritis, diabetes, dispersion, as well as gallbladder, pancreas, kidney and liver diseases. It boosts the immune system and helps fight colds.


Wearing shungite accessories concentrates the health-giving energies while eliminating everything that can be potentially harmful to your health. Shungite and accessories made of it can shield you from electromagnetic radiation emitted by television sets, computers, microwave ovens, mobile devices, and other sources of EMR. Such radiation can be harmful if an individual is exposed for a while to it. Shungite softens such emissions, making these less hazardous to the human DNA and is used to make talismans protecting from dark energies and helping to restore peaceful equilibrium in the human systems. In some European countries, they make shungite amulets to attract good luck and achieve success in love life.


Shungite is believed to be positively influencing Muladhara, the chakra that is known to be one of the cornerstones of the healthy energy inside the human body. Once this chakra is properly opened, an individual can lead a resourceful, fully realized life in all its manifestations.


Shungite helps protecting your energy from those forces that can potentially steal it. It can help if you are a professional healer and your field of work involves dealing with negative energies of other people. Medical facilities are especially known to contain loads of bad energy elements, and it is good to have a protective stone that would block dark forces that want to mess with your energy equilibrium.


Shungite is widely used to make such talismans as balls, pyramids, cubes, protection plates, and harmonizers. The accessories include pendants, beads and bracelets while stones made of it are usually found in gold, silver or palladium settings.
Shungite is used as an insert in healing pillows, blankets, rugs, and belts. It is commonly used in various medicines, cosmetics and also in water filters. The magic stone is usually advised to be placed on the left side of your body due to the unwelcome energies having a habit to sneak through the left side of an individual’s protective aura. While you can an always place a stone in one of your pockets, it can be easily lost, and that is the reason why it is better to be put on a chain of inside a bracelet.