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Alkaline, “alive” water speeds up metabolism (ii also speeds up the growth of plants, heals wounds, ..

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Water is a fundamental element of life. But not all water is suitable for use. Nowadays, the quality of tap water in many districts raises concerns of ecologists and medical professionals.

Water from plumbs is usually processed. It is chloridated for the purpose of killing harmful bacteria and microbes coming from the sources and from the sewage system that is worn out during operation. Such disinfection of water with the use of chlorate compound has a negative effect on human health.

Alkaline water with a high level of pH is very popular with people caring for their own health. Alkaline water is saturated with ions of alkaline components and contains of calcium, magnesium, silicium, potassium and sodium. It is obtained through a special ionizer.

The technique of turning usual water into alkaline water was explored in Japan in the 1550s, and such water hit the shelves of stores in 1958. At present, Japan is a country that doesn’t image the life without alkaline water. It’s not surprising that there is such high life expectancy despite bad ecology connected with a rapid industry growth.

Scientists have been undertaking researches for many years and, as a result, it was proved that alkaline water is not only safe for the human body, but also very useful for healing some diseases.

Why Is It Recommended to Consume Alkaline Water?

Alkaline ionized water alkalizes the human body and helps maintain the acid-alkaline balance. The use of alkaline water improves the urination function.

Alkaline water has a range of useful properties:

  • It is saturated with oxygen.
  • It influences the anti-oxidant action and protects the cells from a negative impact of free radicals.
  • It clears the cells of toxins and remains of acids after completing the process of metabolism.

Besides, alkaline water differs from usual water in that it has an improved molecular structure, enters the cells and saturates the organism more effectively. Due to alkaline water, the cells continuously gain nutrients, and calcium, the balance of which is extremely important for a human, is toned.

Alkaline water strengthens the protective functions of the body and improves the immune system. As a result of some research, scientists have learned that alkaline water influences the reduction of the bone resorption, that is the destruction of old bone cells.

Alkaline ionized water are obtained through processing that includes not only filtering and cleaning, but also the methods that are intended to restoration of its natural state. Such water contains a large amount of electrons that stop the oxidation process of normal cells when entering the human body.

Advantages of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has many advantages:

  • There are no chemical compounds and also salt of heavy metals in its composition.
  • Water doesn’t contain malignant bacteria.
  • Water is characterized with the alkalescent of pH. It is similar to that one in the human body.
  • Water includes a mineral composition that is very useful for the functioning of the body.
  • Alkaline water is structured, and because of this the body adopts it for a shorter period of time and spends less energy on it.
  • Ionized water is characterized with a negative oxidation reduction potential that is similar to that one in the body.

Alkaline water is not only very useful, but also tasteful. It can be often used in domestic conditions.