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Shungite Toothbrush

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Shungite Toothbrush

Every man cares about oral hygiene and doesn’t imagine his life without a toothbrush. The production of the first toothbrushes with animal bristles started in 1780 thanks to Englishman William Addis that founded his own firm called Wisdom Toothbrushes. In 1938, famous company Oral-B released a toothbrush with bristles of synthetic nylon fibers. And in 1959 the first electrical toothbrush, Broxodent, appeared.

Toothbrush with Shungite Dust

The first unique bactericidal toothbrush with shungite was invented in South Korea. Due to special technology developed by scientists, fine parts of airbrick were “implanted” into bristles of the toothbrush.

Due to the healing properties, unique shungite is included in the composition of many cosmetic and medical products. In the sphere of folk medicine cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and anaemia were healed with this rock. With shungite dust that is applied to the toothbrush the person can care for oral hygiene.

After using the shungite toothbrush the breath will become unbelievably fresh. Bacteria won’t get in the mouth when you brush the teeth, and the bacterial growth will be slower. Researchers have proved that toothbrushes with shungite dust with their antibacterial properties are much better than toothbrushes with ions of silver.

Shungite is a nontoxic mineral and is perfectly accepted by the human body. The rock is not dangerous for people, in contrast to ions of silver that can provoke poisoning. The mineral have a strong antibacterial effect on the body. Bristles of toothbrushes with shungite dust are very thin, due to which the person can remove most of bacteria from the teeth.

In 2004 in Japan the toothbrush with bristles of plastic fiber was patented. It was processed with shungite and nanoparts of gold. Bacteria don’t reproduce in such toothbrush at all.

Advantages of Toothbrush with Shungite Dust

As compared to the usual toothbrush, the toothbrush with shungite has many advantages:

  • Due to the antibacterial properties of shungite, bacteria don’t reproduce in it. After brushing the teeth with a usual toothbrush it is rinsed with water, and soon the bacteria growth is renewed. The ordinary toothbrush for the teeth and the tongue, as compared to the toothbrush with shungite dust, becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria Streptococcus mutans. All people know that this group of bacteria causes caries and provokes problems with oral health. When the person brushes the teeth with a toothbrush, he puts additional harmful bacteria into his mouth without knowing it.
  • The toothbrush with the mineral harmonically combines stiffness and thickness, due to which you’ll perfectly brush the teeth. The toothbrush gets in those parts of the mouth that are hard to get.
  • The tips of bristles of the toothbrush with shungite are processed.

The toothbrush made of bamboo filament and treated with shungite and nanoparts of gold is very effective in the fight against dangerous bacteria. Medical workers recommend to use such toothbrush if the person suffers from stomatitis, toothache and gum inflammation.

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