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Shungite Pad

Massage Balls 30 mm

Polished shungite spheres are made of solid stone and are used for massaging hands, mitigating muscu..

$16.00 $40.00

Shungite ankle-guard pad

Shungite ankle-guard pad,Weight is about 0,15 kg (0,33 pounds).The shungite ankle-guard pad was desi..

$35.00 $70.00

Shungite back pad

Size: length 56 cm ( 22 inch), width 18 cm (7.12 inch), 32 shungite plates, weight is about 0,5 kg (..

$55.00 $110.00

Shungite back pad for spine bone

The pad is recommended for the spinal traumas.The weight is about 450-500gr (1,06 pounds).The shungi..

$80.00 $160.00

Shungite belt

Take care of your spine! Weight 0,870 kg (1,91 pounds)Size  140 см х 17 cm (55 x 6,69..

$80.00 $160.00

Shungite cap

Shungite cap, 600 gr (1,32 pounds) weight, 25 cm (9.84inches)  diameter, will ease your head of..

$60.00 $120.00

Shungite elbow pad

Weight 0,065kg  Shungite elbow pads with 4 shungite plates.     &nbs..

$40.00 $80.00

Shungite eye pad

Removes eye fatigue, eyesight recovery 20х7 cm (7,87x2,75  inches) weight is about 0,2 kg ..

$35.00 $70.00

Shungite knee pad

Knee pad, knee bar with plates 20x30 cm (7,87 x 11,8 inches), 4/12 plates, 0.16 kg (0,35 pounds) An..

$45.00 $90.00

Shungite knee pad, circle with sand

Knee pad circle with shungite sand, weight is about 0,2 kg (0,44 pounds).The most important feature ..

$40.00 $80.00

Shungite Massage Pencil one-sided, polished

Length: 90 mm Diameter: 18 mm Weight: 40 gr. Massage pencil Nowadays, the wonder hea..

$10.00 $19.99

Shungite Massage Pencil two-sided polished

Length: 90 mm Diameter: 18 mm Weight: 40 gr. Massage pencil Nowadays, the wonder hea..

$10.00 $20.00

Shungite mat

Shungite mat Size: 30x50 cm (11,8 x19,68 inches). Weight: 350-400g (0,84 pounds). A shungite mat is..

$50.00 $100.00

Shungite shoulders pad

Dimensions: 45*31cm (17.7*12.1 inches), weight is about 0,33 kg (0,73 pounds).Shungite shoulder pad ..

$52.00 $100.00

Shungite Wrist brace

Weight 100gr (0,22 pounds),  width 8cm (3,14 inches),adjustable length due to elastic band..

$30.00 $60.00

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Shungite Pad

Shungite is a natural mineral of black color, which has many healing properties. 90% of the stone is made up of various compounds of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur. The use of shungite pads on the shoulders, waist, hands and back helps cure many diseases, including:

  • Gastritis;
  • Cholecystitis;
  • Diabetes;
  • Otitis;
  • Allergies of different origin;
  • Anemia and other circulatory disorders;
  • Bowel diseases;
  • Pancreatitis;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Cholelithiasis.


Shungite has a bactericidal effect. It can also be used to protect against the negative influence of the electromagnetic field, which comes from household electrical appliances, in particular from mobile phones. Many note the positive properties of the stone when visiting pathogenic zones.

Shungite pads for the back

If you suffer from back pain caused by osteochondrosis or sciatica, as well as for general normalization of the blood vessels functioning and strengthening of muscle tissue, it is recommended to use special shungite pads on your back. Such a product can be used for prevention and recovery. Shungite will help relieve pain and improve blood circulation in tissues.

The overlay is applied by the method of superposition on the back with fixation. In order to improve the healing effect, the stones can be heated up to about 25-30 degrees. You can wear a shungite padon your back during the day or apply at night. However, the total application time should not exceed 8 hours. At the end of the procedure, the pad should be dried on a battery or under sunlight.

Shungite belt

Since shungite neutralizes strong geopathogenic radiation and helps to reduce pain, the belt with this stone inside is very helpful in acute and chronic ailments associated with the spine. Actually, if a person has problems with the lower back, the shungite belt will be very helpful.

Using a shungite belt is recommended for people, who suffer from osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine or sciatica. Also, such a product will be useful for neuroses, neuralgia, diseases of the genitourinary system, gastrointestinal tract, as well as cardiovascular diseases. To improve the effect, the belt is heated to 30 degrees. You shouldn’t wear it for more than 6 hours. Note that washing the product is not recommended.

Shungite pads on shoulders and hands

If a person feels pain in the shoulders, neck, elbow joints or hands or if it is necessary to restore blood circulation, relieve pain and activate processes in the muscle tissues - pay attention to shungite pads. The action of the stone is explained by the unique possibility of a black mineral to normalize a person's biofield and all the biological processes in his body. Healing pads are cloth cotton products with sections filled with shungite crumb. Sometimes the composition of the product includes a mineral zeolite, which, in this case, acts as a sorbent.

Shungite pads on the shoulders, waist, hands and even on the knees are recommended to use when feeling pain in the affected areas. In order to obtain the maximum healing effect, the pads should be heated to 25-30 degrees. After use, the product should be dried well. You can leave it for a while under the light of the sun or near the heater. It is not recommended to wash products from shungite.

If you have additional questions about using or buying shungite pads, just call us using the information on the website. Our managers will provide you with exhaustive information about the product.