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Dimensions: 45*31cm (17.7*12.1 inches), weight is about 0,33 kg (0,73 pounds).

Shungite shoulder pad

         Do you suffer regular pains in your shoulder and back muscles as well as radiculitits symptoms? There’s a great way to get rid of this painful feelings without any drug treatment once and for all. You can do that with the help of absolutely safe natural method that is widely known with its magic features: that is shungite – the mineral from Karelia. We introduce a special shoulder pad with Karelian shungite.

A unique natural remedy from many diseases or the secrets of shungite

         Living on the planet Earth, a human being doesn’t know one third of all the mysteries of the world. Shungite has been one of such incredible secrets up to the present. It’s a mysterious black rock the only deposit of which can be found in Russia, in the mountains of Karelia on the shore of Lake Onega – the amazingly beautiful places covered with the virgin taiga forests, cliffs and swamps.

         Shungite is a mineral that has a very special history arousing lots of unabated arguments in the academic environment. All the facts support the theory of the cosmic origin of the mineral though there are lots of other hypotheses. Still, most of scientists incline to consider shungite a part of Planet Phaeton that was destroyed millions of years ago and the small pieces of which fell down on the Earth.

         Anyway, shungite has really miraculous characteristics and for that good reason scientists call it an “intelligent stone”. Shungite can cope with the most viable malignant viruses and bacteria, to decontaminate water it gets into; it can absorb electromagnetic waves; moreover, it emits beneficial positive energy. The mineral works as an intelligent creature: it selectively eliminates malignant microorganisms without affecting the beneficial ones. Shungite favors the general tonus enhancing and all biochemical processes activation on the cellular level in the area of exposure. The acutest pains usually disappear after the 15-minute effect of the Karelian mineral that owes its unique properties to an unusual structure including fullerenes – a specific carbon compound opening dramatic future perspectives for the contemporary medicine.

Shungite pad: the best disease treatment method!

         A special shungite pad consists of a great number of shungite plates enclosed in the fabric cover. The pad when fixed on your shoulders:

  • Relieves the spinal, shoulder and neck pains quickly;
  • Has a regenerating effect on the blood-vascular system and restores the muscular and joint functions;
  • Stops the inflammatory processes;
  • Favors the natural calcium deposits removal.

         Using the shungite pad is indicated for the people of any age and sex that suffer the joint and muscle disorders. The following serious diseases can be the only counter-indications: acute heart failures, ischemia, allergic reactions, tumors and some psychic disorders.

         Buying shungite shoulder pads you receive the original product with the guarantee of quality! Order the shungite pad right now and have your own key to your health.

The color of the product may differ from that shown on the photo.

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Shungite shoulders pad

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