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Shungite Water 45% carbon

Activated Shungite 1-3 mm. 0.800 Kg (1,76 lb)

Activated shungite      The difference between regular shungite and activated shungite is that the ..

$50.00 $90.00

Activated Shungite 3-5 mm. 0.8 Kg (1.76 lb)

Activated shungite      The difference between regular shungite and activated shungite is that the ..

$50.00 $90.00

Filtering element of shungite

  Shungite cartridge for shungite pitcher filter. Filter Cartridge is expected to clean about 200 l..

$29.00 $50.00

Fraction of shungite 1-3mm 800 gr (1.8 lb)

Shungite of 1-3 mm fraction is vastly used in water filtration. It is being added into water filters..

$35.00 $70.00

NEW! Fraction of shungite 3-5mm 800 gr (1.8 lb)

Shungite of 3-5 mm fraction is vastly used in water filtration. It is being added into water filters..

$35.00 $70.00

Powder of shungite 0-1mm 450 gr (1 lb)

Thanks to the feeding of mineral shungite soil enriched with the required number of trace elements t..

$20.00 $50.00

Powder of shungite 0.25 mm 800 gr (1.8 lb)

Powder Karelian shungite is an absolutely unique natural mineral. The unique characteristics of i..

$35.00 $70.00

Rough raw shungite stone 1 kg (2.2 lb)

 The weight of very stone is about 0,5-1kg!  To use Schungite as water filter is the simp..

$45.00 $90.00

Shungite Set for purification of water 800 grams

Shungite for water regenerating (Size 5-20 mm (~0.25-1 inches) Shungite chips are used for making s..

$30.00 $60.00

Triangle for water structurization

Shungite for regenerating water Size: 4 cm (1.57x1.57 inches). Weight: 50 grams (0.11 pounds). Met..

$10.00 $8.40

Triangle for water structurization Set of 3pcs

Size: 4 cm (1.57x1.57 inches). Weight: 50 grams (0.11 pounds)...

$25.00 $29.00

Zeolite 0.8 kg

Zeolites Since you are viewing this page, you may have questions regarding the quality of your ta..

$25.00 $38.00

Shungite bath stones (0,9 kg)

Shungite bath stones 3-5 fraction in a canvas bag.You need to put away plastic package before use.We..

$45.00 $70.00

Shungite for water 500 g and free Tumbled pendant

Shungite for water regenerating (Size 5-20 mm (~0.25-1 inches).Shungite chips are used for making sh..

$30.00 $50.00

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Shungite Water 45% carbon

Shungite is a unique rock and has no analogs. The unique composition of stone, that consist almost for 98% of carbon and fullerenes, has healing properties, absorbs dirt and harmful trace elements. Shungite water is a unique source of healing of the human body of any age, and can be used to treat many diseases.

Specific effects on the body

Due to the high level of fullerenes, after placing shungite in water, the latter possesses a self-purifying effect, it can effectively cure dermatological problems, rashes and allergic inflammations without the use of harmful medications.

Shungite water quickly absorbs everything negative, it is useful for large companies to offer it to employees, as it is able to relieve the stress from constant work under pressure, in geopathogenic and electromagnetic radiation. After a few of its uses, you will notice a significant burst of energy, cheerfulness and a great mood in the mornings, regardless of the weather outside the window.

With the help of shungite, even water of the poorest quality can be made suitable for use, by removing harmful elements from it. It is recommended to consume shungite water in families every day to achieve great results. It allows to quickly get rid of chronic gastritis, colitis and inflammation of the gallbladder. Also, it has an antihistamine effect and can be used for drinking and cooking for allergic infants.

How to use shungite properly

The process of making real shungite water is laborious enough, but the result is worth it. Even the most turbid water will become transparent and pleasant to drink, besides it will get enriched with useful trace elements. Shungite, used for water purification, is recommended to be changed at least every six months, as heavy metals and harmful impurities accumulate in it.

To settle the water with shungite, choose glassware or enameled glassware, as metal will react with the mineral and oxidize. It is recommended to leave the shungite in water for three days. After that ⅔ of the water should be drained for consumption, and the remaining water from the bottom should be removed as it is unfit for consumption.

Shungite should be washed after each use, to help it restore its useful properties. Such water can be effectively used in the form of compresses or inhalations, if you are prone to frequent colds.

Regular bath with shungite water allows you to quickly and permanently remove fatigue, restore strength, completely relieve tension from muscles and joints, heal deep wounds and cuts on the skin. To make a shungite bath, just dip a small bag of hot shungite into the bathroom and wait for a few minutes.

Shungite water - recommendations for use

According to scientific studies, there are no special prohibitions on the use of shungite water in everyday life. There are no toxins harmful to health or heavy metals in it, but it is best to consult a physician before using it, in case you suffer from:

  • Malignant tumors;
  • Chronic cardiovascular diseases;
  • Thrombosis;
  • Exacerbating inflammatory processes of internal organs.

Its useful qualities were appreciated by many of our clients who suffered from dermatological diseases and exhausting seasonal allergies. All the information you need about payment and delivery of goods to your place, you can find out in a phone talk with our managers. Use the unique shungite water as a preventing measure, and your family will be protected from diseases.