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Activated shungite

     The difference between regular shungite and activated shungite is that the latter is subject to chemical and heat treatment. Besides, activated shungite doesn’t have shungite dust, while regular shungite does.


What happens after chemical and thermal treatment?


    Chemical treatment and thermal treatment enhance the efficiency of shungite by increasing its specific surface area and sorption capacity.

     Chemical treatment and heat treatment remove all of the elements that shungite might have absorbed while being extracted. As a rule, these elements appear as a result of blasting operations in open-pit mines or operation of mining equipment and vehicles (shungite can absorb exhaust gases emitted by excavators or dump trucks). Occasionally, spillage of service fluids, such as diesel fuel or hydraulic oil, may occur due to the human factor.


We activate shungite to make it more effective: we increase its sorption capacity, eliminating the possibility of producing a low quality product. 

If you infuse water with activated shungite you will have shungite (acidic) water. To find out more about shungite water click here.


If you need a filter for preparing shungite water (acidic water) click here.


If you need a filter for preparing alkaline water click here.




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Activated Shungite 3-5 mm. 0.8 Kg (1.76 lb)

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