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Our Company, Individual Entrepreneur Suikonen Nikolai Ivanovich is Located in Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia.

IP Suikonen Nikolai Ivanovich

VAT ID 100122773000

OGRNIP 314100109400026


Our address for documents:
 Onezhskaya Flotiliya 49  A, Petrozavodsk, 185035

The address of our office:
Onezhskaya Flotiliya 49  A, Petrozavodsk, 185035

+79114018707 Nata Ru
+79535317879 Michelle Mo

Retail: +79535317879

Retail USA: +1(347)7778927. Please call at 9 am-5pm EST F.A.Q.

Wholesale: +79535317879

Skype Skype: mikolaptz

viber shungit-store Viber: +79535317879

whatsapp WhatsApp: +79535317879


Also, for any questions please contact us by Email:


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Die Deutsche Version von Facebook -Seite: Deutsch Schungit - Heilstein
La versión Española de la página de Facebook: Español Shungit - Mineral Curativo
La versione Italiana della pagina di Facebook: Italian Shungite - La Pietra Curativa

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Also, for any questions please contact us by mail